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Fate/stay night Episode List

1The First DayManga Canon2006-01-07
2Fateful NightManga Canon2006-01-14
3OpeningManga Canon2006-01-21
4The Strongest EnemyManga Canon2006-01-28
5Two Magi (Part 1)Manga Canon2006-02-04
6Two Magi (Part 2)Filler2006-02-11
7Despicable ActManga Canon2006-02-18
8Discordant MelodyManga Canon2006-02-25
9Moonlit EleganceManga Canon2006-03-04
10A Peaceful InterludeManga Canon2006-03-11
11Fresh Blood Temple (Blood Fort Andromeda)Manga Canon2006-03-18
12Tearing The SkyManga Canon2006-03-25
13Winter CastleManga Canon2006-04-01
14End of The IdealManga Canon2006-04-08
15The Twelve TrialsManga Canon2006-04-15
16The Sword of Promised VictoryManga Canon2006-04-22
17Branded As A WitchFiller2006-04-29
18Decisive BattleFiller2006-05-06
19The Golden KingManga Canon2006-05-13
20Distant Trace of a DreamManga Canon2006-05-20
21The Star of Creation That Divided Heaven and EarthManga Canon2006-05-27
22At The End of WishesManga Canon2006-06-03
23Holy GrailManga Canon2006-06-10
24All Too Distant UtopiaManga Canon2006-06-17

What Is Fate Stay Night Filler List?

Fate Stay Night filler list was an anime series that aired in 2006. A total of 24 Fate Stay Night episodes were broadcasted.

 The story focuses on Shirou Emiya. He is a hard-working and truthful teenager. He unknowingly joins a to-the-death competition called the Fifth Holy Grail Battle.

Where warriors during history compete with magic and legends. They compete for an opportunity to have their wish fulfilled.

 Shirou was taken in by a retired mage named Kiritsugu Emiya. She died years ago.mHe was an orphan and the only survivor of a major fire in Fuyuki City as a child.

 A deep desire for peace and justice in him was created. This was done by his duty to those who died and his salvation by his dad.

 He thus sincerely trains his body. WIth his negligible skill with magic, he wants to support others tremendously someday.

 He is assaulted one night. This happens after seeing two devastatingly strong beings exchanging strikes with swords and shields at his school.

 He watches the Holy Grail Battle. Such battles are normally meant to be watched. He is chased by the spear-wielding fighter Lancer to his house.

He is desperately trying to save himself from his attacks. Shirou was almost going to be killed when suddenly Saber saved him.

Saber was made to support participants in the war. He was the personification of a renowned figure in history.

His entrance into the Holy Grail War as a Master is formalized in her supposedly unintentional request. There are some marks on Shirou’s hand.

Shirou bonds with a heroine via each path. Also challenges numerous mages involved in the battle.

This series features the Japanese actors from the anime series. It was released as a trio. It was released covering the 3 major plotlines in 2007.

Last Words

So now you have the Fate Stay Night Filler List that has all Fate Stay Night Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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