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Fate/Zero Episode List

1Summoning Ancient HeroesManga Canon2011-10-01
2False StartManga Canon2011-10-08
3Land of FuyukiManga Canon2011-10-15
4Blade of the Demonic SpearManga Canon2011-10-22
5The Vicious Beast RoarsManga Canon2011-10-29
6Night of SchemesManga Canon2011-11-05
7The Evil ForestManga Canon2011-11-12
8The Magus KillerManga Canon2011-11-19
9Master and ServantManga Canon2011-11-26
10Rin’s AdventureMixed Canon/Filler2011-12-03
11The Grail DialogueManga Canon2011-12-10
12The Grail’s InvitationManga Canon2011-12-17
13Forbidden BanquetManga Canon2011-12-24
14The Bloody Battle of Mion RiverManga Canon2012-04-07
15Golden RadianceManga Canon2012-04-14
16The Terminus of HonorManga Canon2012-04-21
17The Eighth ContractManga Canon2012-04-28
18Distant MemoriesMixed Canon/Filler2012-05-05
19Where Justice is FoundMixed Canon/Filler2012-05-12
20Return of the AssassinManga Canon2012-05-19
21Knight on Two WheelsManga Canon2012-05-26
22All the World’s EvilsManga Canon2012-06-02
23The Sea at the End of the WorldManga Canon2012-06-09
24The Last Command SpellManga Canon2012-06-16
25Fate/ZeroManga Canon2012-06-23

What Is Fate Zero Filler List?

Fate Zero anime filler list was aired from 2011 to 2012. It was a popular series. A total of 25 Fate / Zero episodes have been released.

 Kinoko Nasu directed the project. He looked through the draught for the different characters and the storyline.

The Einzbern family is desperate to win the next one at any cost. After being beaten in three consecutive battles for the Holy Grail.

They decide to hire the infamous Magus Murderer, Kiritsugu Emiya. He becomes their leader. He trained for the war in the Einzbern castle for the next eight years.

Suddenly, he found the family of Irisviel von Einzbern. Kiritsugu should compete with six powerful enemies to win.

All of the enemies are involved in the battle. They are involved with their own causes.

Magus Tokiomi Tohsaka wants to achieve Akasha through the Holy Grail from one of three leading families.

They receive support from Risei Kotomine. He was a priest. His uncle was Kirei Kotomine. He was an unwanted warlord.

Kirei has no path in life, unlike Tokiomi. But he quickly sets his focus on Kiritsugu as a response to his life’s troubling lack of purpose.

In the meantime, they learned that Sakura was adopted into the Matou family. And Kariya Matou is a Master.

 He had hopes of protecting her from suffering at the hands of Zouken Matou. He decides to win the Holy Grail in return for her freedom to exchange for her home.

 Clock Tower magus and instructor Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald chooses to enter the fight. They enter to raise his own prestige within the Mage’s Association.

Then they come to know of the battle and pick back by arrogance. He had a disrespectful approach to his student’s progressive ideas.

Waver Velvet pushes the young man to grab the object of Lord El-Melloi. He dies just to get involved in the battle.

This is all done to force the Mage’s Association to acknowledge his brilliance. A serial killer named Ryuunosuke Uryuu is picked to become the final Leader in the battle.

 A seventh magus refuses to answer the Grail’s call. He is in search of unique & new ways to kill people.

 He ends up calling a servant from an ancient book and with the assistance of his servant. He continues to perform as many strange killings as he can.

Just one will be triumphant when the battle begins. But the question is who? Watch the series to know.

Last Words

So now you have the Fate Zero Filler List that has all Fate Zero Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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