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Last Updated: 1 year ago

One Punch Man chapter 178 is scheduled to be published on Thursday, January 26, 2023, according to mangaka Yusuke Murata’s Twitter. He will continue to release his chapters on Tonari no Young Jump on a biweekly schedule as he has been doing.

Tatsumaki saved Fubuki in the previous chapter of the manga when the Tsukuyomi member explained how he could poison her to death. Tatsumaki threatened the Blizzard Group to leave Fubuki after saving her sister, saying that they were burdening her. Saitama stopped her as she was about to assault them.

One Punch Man manga creator Yusuke Murata said on Monday, January 23, that chapter 178 will be released on Thursday, January 26, at midnight JST, following the time and date in Japan. The release date and timing will consequently vary depending on the time zone.

The next One Punch Man manga chapter will be published on Tonari no Young Jump, which is available online everywhere. The official English translations for the same, which are given by Viz Media, may not be available to fans for a few weeks.

Given that Saitama and Tatsumaki were intended to square off in the first web comic, One Punch Man chapter 178 may finally contain the anticipated combat between the two characters. It might be enough for the S-class hero to assault the A-class hero now that Saitama has been interrupted Tatsumaki in the manga.

Considering that Saitama and Tatsumaki’s conflict may spread throughout the entire city, additional series characters may potentially appear in this chapter. Other than that, Fubuki may eventually decide to follow her sister’s advice and leave the Blizzard Group, but viewers will have to wait to find out what transpires.


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