Mobile Suit Gundam Filler List
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We are supplying you with the last word and up to date Mobile Suit Gundam Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Mobile Suit Gundam Filler Episodes.


Mobile Suit Gundam Episode List

1Gundam Rising!!Manga Canon1979-04-07
2Destroy Gundam!Manga Canon1979-04-14
3Vote to AttackManga Canon1979-04-21
4Escape from Luna IIManga Canon1979-04-28
5Re-Entry to EarthManga Canon1979-05-05
6Garma StrikesManga Canon1979-05-12
7The Core Fighter’s EscapeManga Canon1979-05-18
8Winds of WarManga Canon1979-05-26
9Fly, Gundam!Manga Canon1979-06-02
10Garma’s FateManga Canon1979-06-09
11Icelina- Love’s RemainsManga Canon1979-06-16
12The Threat of ZeonManga Canon1979-06-23
13Coming HomeManga Canon1979-06-30
14Time, Be StillManga Canon1979-07-06
15Cucuruz Doan’s IslandFiller1979-07-14
16Sayla’s AgonyManga Canon1979-07-21
17Amuro DesertsManga Canon1979-07-28
18Zeon’s Secret MineManga Canon1979-08-04
19Ramba Ral’s AttackManga Canon1979-08-11
20Hand-to-Hand CombatManga Canon1979-08-18
21Sorrow and HatredManga Canon1979-08-25
22The Trap of M’QuveManga Canon1979-09-01
23Matilda’s RescueManga Canon1979-09-08
24Black Tri-StarManga Canon1979-09-15
25The Battle of OdessaManga Canon1979-09-22
26Char ReturnsManga Canon1979-09-29
27A Spy on BoardManga Canon1979-10-06
28Across the Atlantic OceanManga Canon1979-10-13
29Tragedy in JaburoManga Canon1979-10-20
30A Wish of War OrphansManga Canon1979-10-27
31A Decoy in SpaceManga Canon1979-11-03
32BreakthroughManga Canon1979-11-10
33Farewell in Side 6Manga Canon1979-11-17
34A Fateful EncounterManga Canon1979-11-24
35The Glory of SolomonManga Canon1979-12-01
36Big Zam’s Last StandManga Canon1979-12-08
37The Duel in TexasManga Canon1979-12-15
38Char and SaylaManga Canon1979-12-22
39The Newtype: Challia BullManga Canon1979-12-29
40Lalah’s DilemmaManga Canon1980-01-05
41A Cosmic GlowManga Canon1980-01-12
42Space Fortress A Baoa QuManga Canon1980-01-19
43EscapeManga Canon1980-01-26

What Is Mobile Suit Gundam Filler List?

Mobile Suit Gundam filler record is a tv anime sequence. It is also called First Gundam, Gundam 0079, or just Gundam’79.

Nippon Sunrise generated and animated the Mobile Suit Gundam filler record. It was created and directed by Tomino Yoshiyuki.

Nagoya Broadcasting Network launched the Mobile Suit Gundam anime filler in Japan. On April 7, 1979, it was related to ANN station. It lasted till January 26, 1980, overlaying 43 episodes.

The kingdom of Zeon declared its independence from the Earth’s federal state in a fantasy world. (Universal Century Year 0079 as per the Gundam Calendar).

Eventually, they began a struggle of independence termed the One Year War.

Every area on Earth, even virtually each house colony and lunar settlement, has been straight impacted by the struggle.

Zeon has the strategic higher hand & makes use of a particular sort of humanoid weapon known as a cell go well with. The struggle will resolve right into a harsh stalemate that can final over 8 months.

This will occur after half of all mankind has died within the struggle. The plot begins with a freshly outfitted Federation warship.

The White Base has arrived on the Side 7 colony’s mysterious analysis station

It has arrived to pick out the most recent weapon from the Federation.

They are adopted very carefully by Zeon powers. However, a frontrunner of the Zeon particular operations crew disobeys mission orders.

They assault the colony. They additionally kill most Federation groups and residents within the course of.

Young Amuro Ray unintentionally sees the newly designed arsenal of the Federation. 

The RX-78 Gundam, out of desperation, tries to assist defeat Zeon forces.

The White Base must set out on its journey to remain alive. It has to remain alive with its newly established crew of civilian trainees and immigrants.

The White Base representatives typically encounter Zeon Lieutenant Commander Char Aznable on their journey. Char antagonizes Amuro in struggle, as a part of his vengeful scheme.

He takes benefit of the state of affairs as representatives of the Federation to kill the members of Zeon’s Zabi household.

Amuro additionally encounters Lalah Sune, who falls in love with him. He mistakenly kills him whereas he’s going to face Char.

The Federation Forces conquer the palace of A Baoa Qu to destroy the Zeon forces. Both blame one another for Lalah’s demise.

Amuro takes half in a one-on-one remaining duel towards Char. He does this after realizing that he had forgotten his actual enemy. Char prevents combating to kill Kycilia Zabi, the final surviving Zabi consultant. As the struggle involves the top, Amuro then joins up together with his fellows.

Last Words

So now you could have the Mobile Suit Gundam Filler List that has all Mobile Suit Gundam Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler record of another anime sequence, do tell us within the remark part.


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