Prison School Episode List

The Prison School Filler List is a sexual comedy-based anime. It’s a series for teenagers. Prison School is an Akira Hiramoto-written and drawn Japanese animation series. 

The plot is centered around Hachimitsu Private Academy.

It’s on the edge of Tokyo. It’s a respected and prestigious female boarding school. The school is facing a new policy reform to accept boys into the student body.

Kiyoshi Fujino learns on his first day that he is one of only five boys enrolled in school. The boys are utterly outnumbered by the thousand girls on campus.

The plot focuses on their efforts to survive inside the school and incorporate it. Despite a variety of events and opposition from girls and the Secret Student Government.

One of Tokyo’s strictest girls’ academies is Hachimitsu Academy. He has agreed to accept boys into their scheme.

One of these new boys is Kiyoshi Fujino. He finds to his surprise that he and his four colleagues are the only male students.

The four colleagues are Takehito “Gakuto” Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji “Joe” Nezu, and Reiji “Andre” Andou, among 1,000 girls.

The strict laws that are now in effect make the school even harder. It threatens even the slightest crimes with a stint in the school’s jail.

The five boys all devote themselves to exhibitionism with the lecherous mentality of “one for one, one for one” in the school bathing region.

Their capture and “arrest” by the Secret Student Council requires the five boys to obtain an ultimatum.

They either remain in the Detention Block of the school for a month or be dismissed. The boys are imprisoned together in Prison Block.

Kiyoshi is shocked by the realization that all the other boys are sadists. They revel in their sexy yet cruel bosses’ punishments given to them. Prison School has really good animation with fascinating characters. It has over the top fan support, violent and erotic humor.


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