Another Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated Another Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Another Filler Episodes.


Another Episode List

0The otherManga Canon2012-05-26
1Rough sketchManga Canon2012-01-10
2BlueprintManga Canon2012-01-17
3Bone workManga Canon2012-01-24
4Put fleshManga Canon2012-01-31
5Build limbsManga Canon2012-02-07
6Face to faceManga Canon2012-02-14
7Sphere jointManga Canon2012-02-21
8Hair standFiller2012-02-28
9Body paintManga Canon2012-03-06
10Glass eyeManga Canon2012-03-13
11MakeupManga Canon2012-03-20
12Stand by oneselfManga Canon2012-03-27

What Is Another Filler List?

Another filler list is a Japanese Horror novel by Yukito Ayatsuji. It was published on 29th October 2009 by Kadokawa Shoten. This series is a Japanese magma series.

Another one is Yukito Ayatsuji’s Japanese horror book. It was published on October 29, 2009, by Kadokawa Shoten. The story focuses on a boy named Kōichi Sakakibara.

In a mystery swirling around students and people, he discovers himself. The people are related to his class falling victim to gruesome, senseless deaths.

This happens upon transferring into Yomiyama Middle School. He meets the curious Mei Misaki. Twenty-six years ago, something horrible happened in a third-year middle school classroom.

A popular, talented student named Misaki suddenly died. Since then the effects of the incident have led each third-year class to live in fear.

It’s 1998 now and Kouichi Sakakibara has just moved to a notorious classroom. He was curious about the mysterious secret. The secret that his peers are hiding from him.

He’s drawn to one enigmatic girl named Mei Misaki. She is a quiet student who wears an eye patch and warns him about getting involved with her.

He continues to seek her out against the pleas of his classmates. That’s when people begin to violently die. The students and teacher were devastated by the loss.

They behaved like Misaki was still alive. It led to a strange presence in the graduation photo. In spring 1998, Kōichi Sakakibara transferred into Yomiyama’s class 3-3.

The class quickly finds themselves swept up in a mysterious occurrence. In which students and their families start to die in sometimes horrific forms. They realize that these deaths are related to the “Misaki of 1972”. A yearly calamity that has struck almost every class 3-3 since 1972. Kōichi and Mei are trying to find out ways to combat it before it kills any of their classmates.

Last Words

So now you have the Another Filler List that has all Another Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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