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By [Fatshark] Aqshy

The whole lot you ever needed to find out about taking part in Kerillian’s Sword and Dagger. The right way to get began, assault patterns and combos, and extra.


  • 27 DEC 2021: Patch 4.5.1


“Many asrai study the primary steps of battle in a ritualized duel, parrying with a leaf-bladed dagger and riposting with a horned longsword.”

Kerillan’s Sword and Dagger is favored amongst many gamers for its function range, pace, and injury output; making it an distinctive all-rounder in her arsenal for horde clear, armor injury, and boss injury. On this information, we’ll offer you a walkthrough of a number of the ins and outs of this weapon, its injury output, most commonly-used assault patterns, and a few further suggestions and tips like transfer tech and boss injury. Learn on to see why this weapon has remained one of many staples in lots of Kerillan gamers’ kits.

  • Efficient Block Angle: The efficient angle you may block an assault with out dropoff.
  • Block Value Modifier: The quantity that injury to stamina is multiplied by when struck inside a weapon’s efficient block angle. Weapons have each an inside and outer modifier.
  • Dodge Bonus: A bonus that varies from weapon to weapon that impacts a dodge’s pace and distance.
  • Efficient Dodge Depend: The variety of dodges a participant can carry out on a weapon with out expending the dodge bonus. Dodges change into shorter and slower after the efficient dodge depend has been expended.
  • Push Angle: The bonus in which you’ll successfully stagger enemies backward when pushing.
  • Push Radius: The radius of the spherical stagger explosion that the push is, or push vary.
  • Linesman: A modifier that impacts enemies’ mass for that particular assault for extra cleave.
  • Bleed: A sort of injury over time (DoT), that applies injury to enemies at a selected tick charge over an prolonged interval.
  • Crit: When used on this information, after we say a weapon has a “crit” on its profile, it means it has an additional likelihood to realize a important hit, or a success that causes further injury.

Weapon 101

Kerillian’s Sword and Dagger is a jack of all trades weapon that’s quick, versatile, and consists of vast sweeps for simple horde clear. Linesman on the primary two lights makes it straightforward to cleave by way of infantry and farm THP off of most dense, unarmored enemies with THP on hit/cleave. Excessive assault speeds with bleed and 10% crit likelihood on completely different movesets enable for quick, DPS-heavy assaults. Whereas not beating out twin daggers on this space, it does very first rate armor and boss injury, making courses taking part in it step into function range exterior of horde clear.

With a reasonably easy moveset, this weapon is straightforward to study combos with and is nice for each newbie and superior gamers alike throughout all problem ranges.

  • 3 Stamina shields
  • 90° efficient block angle
  • x0.8 inside block price modifier/x1.5 outer block price modifier
  • 25% dodge bonus (pace & distance)
  • 6 efficient dodge depend
  • 100° inside push angle/180° outer push angle
  • 2.5 push radius

Kerllian’s Sword and Dagger consists of 4 completely different gentle assaults, two heavy assaults, and a push assault as demonstrated beneath:

Mild Assaults

Heavy Assaults

Push Assault

AssaultAssault PaceHarmStaggerBase HarmArmor HarmParticular Properties
Mild Assault 10.31s7.465.979.75 Linesman
Mild Assault 20.37s7.465.979.75 Linesman
Mild Assault 30.31s2.982.988.50 +10% Crit, Bleeds
Mild Assault 40.47s2.242.2414.256.00+10% Crit
Push Assault0.41s2.102.1013.505.50+10% Crit, Protect Piercing
Heavy Assault 10.43s7.465.9710.753.50 
Heavy Assault 20.50s2.242.2417.2511.50+10% Crit

Wish to study extra? Check out the Armory mod by Fracticality!

Weapon Combos*

* There may be some variance on what is taken into account “environment friendly” from participant to participant, however we spotlight the principle ones right here which are most steadily utilized by the playerbase. As at all times, experiment and study what works for you—there may be at all times extra mechanically to discover!

Like most weapons, Sword and Dagger follows the golden rule of “when doubtful, purpose for the pinnacle!”

Whereas we are going to talk about find out how to higher maximize your survivability towards hordes in an upcoming information, it is very important make use of pushing and dodging (particularly along with your workforce’s again towards a wall) whereas preventing medium to dense clumps of enemies to keep away from taking injury and getting stabbed by a stray rat from the aspect.

For added group academic content material, take a look at jtcLIVE’s Horde Soloing Guide!

Mild 1 > Mild 2 > Block cancel for small clumps of enemies

Heavy 1 > Mild 2 for big dense clumps of enemies

Alternatively, gentle spam for each cases

Heavy 1 > Heavy 2

Push Assault > Heavy 2

Many bosses have assaults that may be “danced”, or enable a participant to lock them into repeated assault mixtures that offer you and your workforce a bonus. Whereas this shall be coated in a separate information, realizing which bosses to bop together of the assaults listed beneath will improve your workforce’s survivability and DPS.

For added group academic content material, take a look at jtcLIVE’s How to Solo Every Boss in Warhammer: Vermintide 2!

Heavy 1 > Heavy 2

Push Assault > Heavy 2


Movetech is a weapon assault sample that enables gamers to maneuver quicker than simply strolling when repeated. Sword and Dagger has a quite simple movetech that lets you transfer quicker utilizing the already current weapon combos as listed within the earlier part.

Repeated Push Assault (for pace)

Push Assault > Heavy 2 (stamina conserving)

Instance Builds from the Neighborhood

Need some builds to check out as you start your journey into studying Sword and Dagger? Try these community-created builds listed on Ranald’s Gift[www.ranalds.gift], beneath!

Sword and Dagger/Hagbane Waystalker by Superflex[www.ranalds.gift]

Sword and Dagger/Longbow Handmaiden by Royale w/Cheese[www.ranalds.gift]

Sword and Dagger/Javelin Shade by Royale w/Cheese[www.ranalds.gift]

Sword and Dagger/Deepwood Staff Sister of the Thorn by Core[www.ranalds.gift]

Particular Because of…

To Core, Incandescent, Ic∑Ωlator, and Jinxedmerphit for a read-through from a group member’s perspective.

To jtcLIVE, bfir3, Royale w/Cheese, and Fracticality for his or her countless group guides, contributions, mods, and sharing their data to larger complete. Thanks for retaining everybody studying!

Wish to share your experiences with Kerillian’s Sword and Dagger? Depart a remark down beneath and share your data with the remainder of the group!

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