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Few romances are as enduring as Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson’s. Though it is advanced many occasions and in some ways, they’ve a wholesome and loving partnership. Even when their romance is positioned on the again burner, or nonexistent, Nightwing and Batgirl are shut buddies with wonderful chemistry.

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These days, “DickBabs” or “Babson” goes robust. Still, even when life throws the 2 heroes a curveball, which it often does, followers can relaxation assured Nightwing and Batgirl will make their means again to 1 one other ultimately. Plus, in moments of uncertainty, readers can at all times benefit from the couple’s entire romantic historical past.

19 Batgirl Was Introduced In 1961

In an effort to encourage extra ladies to purchase Batman comics, DC launched Batgirl into the combination in 1961 by means of Detective Comics #359, written by Gardner Fox with pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Side Greene, and letters by Gaspar Saladino.

On her method to a dressing up get together in a Batman outfit, Barbara Gordon witnesses some Moth-men attacking Bruce Wayne and steps in to assist. As the story progresses, she groups up with the Dynamic Duo to cease Killer Moth, however not with out their preliminary pushback. Both Batman and Robin are dismissive of “Batgirl” and her skills till she demonstrates her expertise by saving them from one in every of Killer Moth’s traps.

18 Dick and Babs Share Their First Kiss in 1975

In Batman Family #1, written by Elliot S. Maggin with artwork by Mike Grell, Dick Grayson is working as a short lived aide for Barbara Gordon, who’s just lately been elected to Congress. In the comedian, a person claiming to be Benedict Arnold threatens the Pentagon, main Batgirl and Robin to staff up in D.C. Unaware they’re colleagues of their non-heroic lives as properly, they earn themselves the shared title: “Dynamite Duo.”

At the tip of the difficulty, Robin condescends Batgirl and tells her to hold up the cape and cowl, and to close him down, she kisses him. The kiss was controversial upon first publication since Gordon was in her mid-twenties and Grayson was college-age on the time. Regardless, the smooch had its meant impact and rendered Grayson speechless.

17 Batgirl And Robin Learn Each Other’s Secret Identities In 1976

Both in Provincetown when a dinosaur assaults the coastal metropolis, Barbara and Dick swimsuit up as Batgirl and Robin in Batman Family #3, written by Elliot S. Maggin with artwork by J.L. Garcia Lopez and Vince Colletta. They rush to guard P-town’s inhabitants from an entire slew of villains, solely to find they’re battling illusions.

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Given their shared look within the capital two points earlier than, each the “Flame-Haired Huntress” and the Teen Wonder put two and two collectively. At the tip of the difficulty, they verify each other’s secret identities.

16 They Get Married For The First Time In 1977

The group, Maze, plots to marry after which homicide Batgirl and Robin in Batman Family #11, written by Bob Rozakis with artwork by Curt Swan and Vince Colletta. The two play together with the scheme, finally revealing they set the entire thing as much as entice and arrest members of Maze.

In the epilogue, Dick and Babs reveal the main points of their plan to readers, together with Dick disguising himself as an older man. He dons the disguise once more to reveal its efficacy, and Barbara tells him, “You’re fairly enticing as an older man,” which unknowingly foreshadows the inverse of a future retcon.

15 Grayson Catches Feelings In 1977

Before defeating the Outsider collectively in Batman Family #13 – written by Bob Rozakis with artwork by Don Newton, Marshall Rogers, and Bob Wiacek – Batgirl and Robin go to Titans Tower to collect intel. Barbara lies down on the sofa to relaxation earlier than taking over the villain.

Robin takes the chance to inform Batgirl how he feels. He acknowledges their age distinction however confesses he has actual emotions for Batgirl. However, he quickly discovers she’s fallen asleep—or so he thinks! In 2007’s Nightwing Annual, a retconned youthful Babs reveals she was solely pretending to be asleep and actually heard his entire confession.

14 “Crisis On Infinite Earths” In 1985 And 1986 Sets The Stage For The Pair’s Romance

13 Crisis on Infinite Earths Cover #1 DC Comics

The first main crossover in DC’s canon, Crisis On Infinite Earths, written by Marv Wolfman with artwork by George Pérez, consolidated and up to date the corporate’s quite a few and previously-unrelated traces. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson aren’t any exception, although Babs’ transformation into her post-Crisis incarnation is extra dramatic.

Not solely does Babs debut because the uber-talented, brilliantly clever Oracle within the post-Crisis Suicide Squad line, however she can be youthful as properly. The absence of any age hole between her and Dick units the stage for his or her actual, honest-to-goodness romance.

12 Oracle And Nightwing Kiss In 1999

Set after the occasions of The Judas Contract and The Killing Joke, Nightwing #38 – written by Chuck Dixon with artwork by Scott McDaniel – sees Dick as Nightwing and Barbara as Oracle. During the comedian, Grayson sustains an damage and develops an an infection whereas infiltrating Blackgate Prison. As a consequence, he returns to Barbara’s place to recuperate.

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During dinner one evening, Dick implies he’d wish to date Barbara. She says she’s not prepared as she remains to be coming to phrases along with her incapacity, however the two kiss for the primary time in a post-Crisis world and ultimately start relationship significantly.

11 Dick And Barbara Call It Quits In 2004

After relationship for some time, Barbara breaks up with Dick in Nightwing #87, written by Devin Grayson with artwork by Rick Leonardi, citing his unwillingness to stay within the current, his overprotectiveness, and his Batman-esque mentality. This breaks his coronary heart however forces him to reevaluate his priorities and habits.

In spite of the distress of their breakup, it is clear Barbara and Dick love one another immensely. Barbara asks Dick point-blank what he loves about her, and he doesn’t maintain again, saying, “You’re beautiful and also you’re sensible and also you’re in all probability the strongest particular person I do know…inside the place it actually counts…one take a look at you and my coronary heart catches in my throat, my physique flushes with warmth…I’ve at all times cherished you.”

10 They Get Engaged During 2006’s “Infinite Crisis”

In Nightwing #117, written by Devin Grayson with artwork by Bradley Walker as a part of the Infinite Crisis occasion, Dick apologizes to Barbara for the way in which he handled her after they had been collectively. Before he leaves to “try to save the Universe,” he asks her to marry him.

Barbara agrees, and Dick fortunately survives the ordeal. The two reunite when Dick winds up again in Barbara’s care following a medically induced coma.

9 They Place Their Engagement On Hold in 2007

A 12 months after the Infinite Crisis in Nightwing Annual #2 – written by Marc Andreyko with artwork by Joe Bennett – Barbara coaches Dick on tips on how to regain his energy and talent as he recovers from a battle with Deathstroke. Dick reiterates his want to share his future along with her, however Bruce asks Dick to affix him and Tim Drake on a visit overseas to allow them to spend time as a household.

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Babs returns the engagement ring to Dick and pushes him to go together with Bruce. Grayson complies, however not earlier than giving her the ring once more and promising he’ll come again to her.

8 They Get Married Again In 2015

Set in a pre-Flashpoint universe, Dick asks Barbara to marry him within the first subject of the Nightwing/Oracle Convergence, which was written by Gail Simone with artwork by Jan Duursema. Babs initially refuses as she’s nervous about Gotham’s ongoing points and her emotional state.

However, after they defeat Hawkman and Hawkwoman of one other world, who’re threatening to take over Gotham, Gordon modifications her tune and she or he and Grayson are married inside the subject. It’s attended by a number of notable visitors, together with Black Canary, the Flash, and Superman. The lace in Barbara’s gown is within the very becoming sample of a circuit board.

7 2016’s “Rebirth” Resets Barbara And Dick

6 Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson have a heart-to-heart then cuddle in DC Comics

Little modifications for Barbara and Dick from the tip of the New 52 to the start of the Rebirth traces. However, the primary continuity is decidedly post-Flashpoint, so the 2 are not married. In truth, the 2 are casually relationship within the first subject of the Nightwing Rebirth line, written by Tom Seeley with Art by Javier Hernandez. After Selina Kyle leaves Bruce Wayne on the altar, Gordon and Grayson benefit from the Cat and the Bat’s honeymoon suite in Batgirl #25, written by Paul Dini, Mairghread Scott, and Marguerite Bennett, with artwork by Paul Pelletier, Tom Derenick, Dan Panosian, and Emanuela Lupacchin. Though they agree to not get severe (but), there is a sense they’re the opposite’s endgame.

4 Nightwing and Batgirl share an intimate moment during the Dark Nights: Death Metal event

During Dark Nights: Death Metal: The Last Stories of the DC Universe #1, written by Cecil Castelucci with artwork by Mirka Andolfo, Barbara and Dick have a shotgun marriage ceremony and promise each other they will annul their marriage in the event that they survive. Batman sarcastically officiates, and Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson tie the knot for the third time of their shared historical past.

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Fortunately, each the heroes survive the occasion and resume a extra platonic relationship, if solely briefly. Dick returns to Blüdhaven and Barbara to Gotham, however Alfred’s dying ultimately brings them again collectively.

3 In 2021 They Adopt A Puppy Together

Patrolling the streets of Blüdhaven one evening in Nightwing #78, written by Tom Taylor with artwork by Bruno Redondo, Grayson comes upon a gang torturing a bit tripod pet. He fends them off and takes the pooch to the vet earlier than returning house to seek out Barbara ready for him.

Babs is visiting Blüdhaven to manage Alfred’s will, however she instantly falls in love with the doggie, whom she and Grayson identify Haley. Haley technically begins out as Dick’s canine (therefore her alias, “Bitewing”), however each Babs and Dick seek advice from the canine companion as “ours.” Shortly after Haley’s arrival, her people rekindle their romance.

2 Dick Says Those Three Little Words In 2022

Barbara is instrumental in facilitating Dick’s inexpensive housing mission, “Haven,” even when crooked cops and crime bosses repeatedly attempt to forestall its growth. In Nightwing #93, written by Tom Taylor with artwork by Bruno Redondo, Barbara works a few of her coding magic and exhibits Dick a cross-referenced record of dangerous guys who’ve attacked “Haven.” Dick is so impressed and grateful that he offhandedly confesses, “I like you.”

Though each are stunned on the admission and Babs ribs him for it, she does not appear upset by it. However, she’s but to verbalize that she returns the sentiment, though could in some unspecified time in the future someday within the close to future.

1 The Future Looks Bright For Dick And Babs

Barbara, who remains to be reticent about labeling their relationship, appears to be coming round to the thought of relationship her longtime pal in earnest. The ongoing conflicts within the Nightwing line are quite a few, however Dick and Babs’ relationship is not amongst them.

Dick’s personal house constructing and the progress on the Haven housing mission are at present destroyed. Luckily for him, there is no doubt he’ll have the ability to crash along with his possibly (particular) girlfriend whereas they work out a plan to revive Haven.

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