Darwin’s Game Filler List is must if you want to watch Darwin’s Game in proper order. So to help you we are listing the updated and accurate Darwin’s Game Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all episodes.


Darwin’s Game Episode List

#Title         TypeAirdate
1First GameManga Canon2020-01-03
2Gemstone MineManga Canon2020-01-10
3IgnitionManga Canon2020-01-17
4FireworksManga Canon2020-01-24
5AquariumManga Canon2020-02-07
6HardnessManga Canon2020-02-14
7EighthManga Canon2020-02-21
8FragileManga Canon2020-02-28
9Heads UpManga Canon2020-03-06
10Old OneManga Canon2020-03-13

What Is Darwin’s Game filler list?

Darwin’s Game filler list is a fascinating anime series. It’s based on a “death game” played by people around Japan. Darwin’s Game anime filler list is a battle royale mobile game in real life.

It is a Japanese manga series written and drawn by FLIPFLOPs. The adaptation of this anime television series by Nexus aired from January 3 to March 20, 2020.

The hero of Darwin’s Game and the leader of the Sunset Ravens Clan is 17 year old Sudou Kaname. He accepts his friend’s online invitation to play an app game called Darwin’s Game.

He has never heard of this game. He is unknown to the fact that it involves a war between life and death. A Sigil is for those who play the game, a skill that varies from player to player.

However, a green snake unexpectedly pops out of his phone screen. It bites his neck as soon as he opens the application. This leaves him unconscious.

He wakes up without any signs of a snake bite in the hospital. His school advises him to take the rest of the day off.

He dismisses the strange encounter as a hallucination. He then boards the train home, although he is confused by what has happened.

Unfortunately, he uses the application. Kaname breathes out a sigh of relief when the application appears to be just like every other fighting game. He then decides to start his first game.

His surpris is very short-lived. This is because his in-game rival appears right in front of him. His rival tries to chase him down with a knife.

Kaname desperately runs for his life and discovers that Darwin’s Game is not an ordinary game. He realizes that it is a tough survival war.

The characters of this series are unique. The rules of the game are tough and the characters find themselves in mysterious scenarios. Overall, Darwin’s game anime filler list is a must-watch.

Last Words

So now you have the Darwin’s Game Filler List that has all Darwin’s Game Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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