Will Hinta Meet The Little Giant In Haikyuu
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The little giant has been a mysterious character in the series ever since he was introduced. There was no information revealed of him other than him being Shoyo’s idol. He had just been like a shadow and people couldn’t figure out if his identity would be revealed in the series or not.

As the story progressed, it was revealed that he did meet his idol “the little giant” before the match between Karasuno and Kamomedai High. It was a shocking moment not just for Hinata but also for the long time fans of the volleyball series.

Readers also could not figure out why his introduction had been delayed 7 years since the series started and the enigma of this existence kept the fans interested, but, unfortunately, his introduction was rather disappointing, opposed to what one would have thought.

The little giant is just another person, nothing more than the average citizen who merely came to support Karasuno High(his former high school and alma mater) at the Tokyo Spring Tournament Nationals. Shoyo evidently seems disappointed but he manages to overcome and accept it later.

The real name of “The Little Giant” is Tenma Udai and he quit basketball after high school and is a mangaka in the Haikyuū!! Universe. He was not invited to play for other teams because of his small stature and that’s why he chose the mangaka path.

His motivation plummeted and due to his many rejections he finally gives up sports. At the end of the series, he is fired over his horror manga series and starting “Mateo Attack” (a volleyball sports series in the Haikyū!! verse). This is also a reflection of his struggle with failures of his horror manga before Haikyuu!!

There is no grandeur in Hinata’s idol instead his life is full of disappointment and sadness. He is built up to be this compelling Little Giant person in our minds and inside Shōyō’s imagination only to be disappointed with this average man.

Shoyo didn’t get to play a match with his idol unfortunately as he had left volleyball way before but had he not quit the sport, there would have been a momentous match.

Kōrai Hoshiumi is a small-statured player who realized and accepted his shortness but he wanted to be liberated from his shackles and grasp from his brother, he chose volleyball.

He thought choosing volleyball would give him his own sport and he wouldn’t be compared to his brother. However, his brother once visited the gymnasium where he practised, Akimoto stole the spotlight yet again, outshining his little brother yet again! He was disappointed and discussed his low point with his mother and she encouraged him to become stronger and he first acknowledged himself as the Little Giant.

When Shoyo recovered from his disappointment at meeting Tenma, he bestowed the Little Giant title on Korai. Especially after seeing Tenma as a regular guy.

After all, the title gave him a new perspective on it: “average,” “ordinary,” and so on. Regardless of what aliases Shoyo and Korai adopt, these two little giants will always be inspirational volleyball players to the characters and fans of the series.


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