This week, I’ll be listing the 10 strongest characters in the Chainsaw Man universe. The world of Chainsaw Man includes powerful characters such as all the Devils/Devil-Hunters alive or dead.

Based on the power they possessed and how their contributions to Chainsaw Man helped to make the story so interesting, I will rank them. The following list is full of “Spoilers” for anyone who hasn’t read it yet.   

The Devil is a physical manifestation of fear which manifests as fear of individuals. The protagonist of our story, Denji, was left with a massive debt when his father passed away, and he had no way to pay it off. The yakuza is able to survive through his strange jobs and by slaying demons through a dog he saved called Pochita.

These demons are no match for Pochita’s chainsaw powers. During the Yakuza’s betrayal and death by the Zombie Devil, Pochita sacrifices herself so her old master would not be killed. In the end, Denji has reincarnated into a strange demon-human hybrid. He is now a chainsaw man!   

As soon as Makima transforms him, she recruits him to join the Public Safety Demon Hunters or he will be exterminated. Denji is living in a comfortable home for the first time in his life, but he has trouble defining his dreams or forming meaningful relationships as he slays demons and gains the company of other irascible demon hunters.   

10. Quanxi

From China, Quanxi hunts demons. Quanxi is serene and stoic. She discusses business while snuggled up to her harem of demons, and she shows no emotion when she is complimented by her girlfriends. According to Hirofumi Yoshida, Quanxi’s power is beyond human comprehension.

While wielding swords, she is able to cut through dozens of humans and dolls at the speed of thought, stopping only when she destroys her weapons. Neither Aki Hayakawa nor the Angel Devil needed more than one blocked strike to knock them out.    


Although Quanxi is a human, she possesses superhuman speed. Five demon hunters were rushing past her when she slipped through an army of dolls created by the Doll Devil and before they noticed, she was already disappearing.

With an arrow drawn from Quanxi’s right eye socket, she can transform into a hybrid with several arrows and spikes emerging from her arms and head.

The arrows Quanxi can shoot from her forearm are shaped like a bow, and he can even use it at close range to threaten groups of enemies. Among the best close fighters in the world, Quanxi is regarded as one of the best by Kishibe.

Her kicks are highly specialized. In a matter of moments, she was able to knock out Denji, Tamaoki, and Kusakabe with only kicks. 

Quanxi wields multiple swords in combat, trading them when they are destroyed by the force of her own attacks. Combined with her high speed, she can cut through entire crowds of enemies at once.   

9. Aki Hayakawa

Miki Makima’s special squad had Aki Hayakawa as one of its demon hunters. In general, Aki seems rather calm and reserved. He feels mature and dependable around his fellow demon hunters but is very vulnerable when he is alone. He has contracts with the Curse Devil, Future Devil, and Fox Devil.

A Gun Devil possessed him, leading him to be known as Gun Fiend. Aki is a proficient swordsman, using the sword he wields to fight demons as his main weapon. The cursed devil appears and hits the back end of the nail to deal damage when Aki points the nail to anywhere on the target’s body, then says “fire”.

The cursed devil can be summoned by Aki by stabbing her opponent with a nail three times. She can then inflict a curse on her opponent to kill them.   

Aki Hayakawa

In exchange for letting Future Devil live inside Aki’s right eye after losing favor with Fox Devil, Aki sealed a contract to use his abilities in return for Future Devil’s protection.

In addition to seeing into the future, Aki can control and control objects. As a result, he knows what to expect from his opponent and plans accordingly. Hayakawa held a contract with Fox Devil. Aki had the option of enlisting his power in combat in exchange for feeding him a part of his body.

After using his Fox Devil recklessly against the Katana Man, Aki lost the ability to summon it. A Fox Devil’s head would appear on his target’s body at his command when he raised his hand and said “Kon”.

A Fox Devil’s bite would then swallow or cut the target into pieces where the bite intersected his. His left arm is equipped with a pistol which he can fire with great precision and speed. His strength allows him to smash through walls and destroy multiple buildings at once, in addition to breaking through Denji.

8. Power

Blood Fiend Power is part of Makima’s special team and a Public Safety Devil Hunter. Those in power are childish, greedy, and mostly self-motivated. When she fights, she is confident of her victory and confident of her victory, but she has no trouble getting away if she is outmatched.

Although Power originally claimed she was highly feared, she may have just been bargaining about how demons flocked away from her scent in her demon form.   


Blood within her body can be used freely to create weapons when she has the power. Additionally, she knows how to manipulate blood by touching it directly and can stop other people from bleeding out, but she acknowledges that this is difficult to do. Adding her own blood to the target’s system can distort its regenerative function.

Blood from a stronger demon or too much blood from Power increases her power dramatically. The character is shown to sprout extra horns after consuming too much blood. When Denji is in this state, a single hit from Power is enough to knock him to the ground.

Power transformed into Full Devil Mode after drinking the Chainsaw Man’s blood. As a result, her blood speed, strength, durability, and ability to manipulate blood has significantly increased. Following the transformation, Makima’s control abilities can no longer be employed against her.   

7. Santa Claus

A contract Santa Claus has with Doll Devil allows him to pose as several different persons, including a German Devil Hunter pretending to be Santa Claus.

Throughout the International Assassins arc, Santa Claus is a major antagonist. A strategic being, Santa Claus constantly tries to outthink his enemies. He hid in the Soviet Union with a doll that he used for haggling and bargaining.

Santa Claus

Among all the demon killers and hunters in the world, Makima and Kishibe deem him the most dangerous threat to Denji, since if he uses his demons against them, it will all come to an end. Santa Claus had a priceless deal with Doll Devil. He could make dolls with people to obey his wishes.

When each doll touches another person, the effect spreads contagiously, causing an army of dolls to emerge from the crowd. In addition, one of the dolls’ arms can be transformed into a blade, including the doll itself.

Although Santa Claus must keep his doll army close by in order to maintain control, his conversion process will not affect demons or devils.   

By naming the place where a living being is, Santa Claus can transport them to hell. They must also sacrifice one of their own bodies in addition to three of their children. The Devil Curse allows Santa Claus to use the power of the Devil Curse in exchange for the loss of sensation in several of his fingers.

The cursed devil will appear and kill the intended victim after the nail is stabbed four times into him/her. Overnight, Santa’s proportions changed, with more arms, and many other changes that resembled dolls.   

6. Hell Devil

Hell Devil

Devils from hell are devils who embodied the fear of hell. Unlike other demons from Hell, the devil from Hell has a centaur-like head with no features except a giant open mouth that grins. There is nothing but flaming flesh covering him. Demons can be seen as giants with six fingers emerging from a gate in heaven that leads to one of hell’s many entrances.

Through these, certain people can be sent to hell by the devil. It is also possible for the devil from hell to translocate victims to the human world.

5. Punishment Devil

Punishment Devil

An embodiment of punishment’s fear, the Devil of Punishment is a devil. It seems that Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo signed a contract with the Devil of Punishment at some point. To combat the Devil of Arms, Makima employs the Devil of Punishment’s abilities along with the Devil of Punishment’s hired humans.

Only under conditions of great sacrifice and unexplained disdain can he be summoned. A portal from the sky side directs numerous demons at the target, causing damage directly to them. Apart from that, there is not much information on the abilities of the Punishment Devil.   

4. Gun Devil

The Gun Devil is an extremely powerful demon who embodies fear of weapons. Gun Devil can kill 1.2 million people worldwide in just five minutes, being able to kill them in different parts of the globe. The speed of his movement caused pieces of his flesh to burn out of his body.

Bullets from the Gun Devil’s weapons can be fired quickly and accurately due to its omnipresent weapons. 

Gun Devil

Within approximately 1000 meters, he can shoot each adult male within range, each child up to 12 years old within range, and all living creatures born in January, February, March, May, June, August, September, November or December within approximately 1000 meters of itself.   

As a result of his speed and strength, Gun Devil can dislodge bullets made of his own flesh. As a result of devouring bits of the Gun Devil’s flesh, demons of any kind are greatly boosted in power. Upon touching, these parts of the bullet attract each other and fuse, and the Gun Devil attempts to reassemble with its main body to regenerate.

Makima described his body as being in various parts and being unconscious right now. He is owned by twenty percent by the United States, twenty-eight by the Soviet Union, eleven by China, four by another country, and thirty-seven by demons all over the globe as bits and pieces of meat.   

3. Makima


Denji became Makima’s human pet after she became a public safety demon hunter. She later reveals herself to be the Devil of Control, who represents the fear of control. In the saga of public safety, she is the main antagonist and also the main heroine. Makima is very skilled at manipulating other people.

Denji is controlled by her with promises of romance and sexual intimacy and threats to exterminate him if he disobeys her. Makima has great strength, which allows her to fight effectively in hand-to-hand combat without the help of her subordinates. Through her physical blows, she was able to overpower Pochita and break her chainsaw.

Her capabilities are not known at the moment. As Control Devil, she can display various abilities sometimes in addition to the ability of another demon she controls.   

Makima has displayed that she has the power to control and even force any being inferior to her to sign a contract with her or another demon. As soon as the victim becomes under her control, her memory seems to disappear. All humans, demons, demons, and hybrids are susceptible to this ability.

A chain attached to her body allows her to channel the power of the victims she summoned. The ability to use angel and future devil abilities in addition to snake and punishment devils was demonstrated. The ability to control deceased people was also demonstrated.

Makima had formed a team of weapon hybrids consisting of three former enemies (Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man), all of whom had now become her allies. Makima can change people’s personalities subtly by controlling them directly. Makima has demonstrated that she can crush her targets with an invisible force.

Makima appears to require the name of a target, an elevated place, and the sacrifice of a human being before he can use his technique. It’s been shown that Makima can kill their targets when they look at them with crushed insides.

It has been demonstrated that Makima can transmit their voices to others by placing their hands on their heads.   

2. Darkness Devil

This devil represents the fear of darkness and embodies it. It has been described as one of the demons who embody a primal fear but has never experienced death due to his powers. Due to its speed, it attacks and travels quickly.

In spite of being surrounded by several demon hunters, including Quanxi, he was able to remain invisible.

The fact that he had multiple arms enabled him to deal with many opponents before they could react. Demons and humans can be raised by the Darkness Devil with great ease.   

Darkness Devil

In order to engulf the surrounding area in darkness, Darkness Devil splits the bodies of several astronauts in half. A telekinetic sword with bells attached to the hilt can be summoned by the Darkness Devil to attack his enemies. Once the bells ring, he will begin to hemorrhage violently once in contact with someone he is beating.

He is capable of cutting the arms of humans, demons, and devils without apparent effort on his part. If the Demon of Darkness places his eyes directly on another being, be it a devil or a person, he will bleed tremendous quantities of blood to death.  

1. Chainsaw Man (Denji)

Due to his poverty, Denji lacks a formal education and is naive as a result of his lack of socialization. He has a rude, rough, but childlike personality.

The fact that Denji does not necessarily possess the highest intelligence does not stop him from executing creative ideas to defeat the demons, such as setting himself on fire and then using the emitted light to make Santa Claus so weak that she could be killed.   

Chainsaw Man (Denji)

Denji can turn into a bloodthirsty chainsaw devil by pulling a cord from his chest. Unless he has enough blood, Denji cannot fully transform, but he can manifest chainsaws, however, they are much shorter and weaker when he does not have enough.

When he transforms into Full Devil Mode and becomes himself again, he seems to have got a more mechanical appearance instead of the more humanistic appearance he had before his transformation.

He is stronger, more durable, and more resilient. Denji transforms into a robot capable of producing fully functional chainsaws for each of his arms, legs, and head. These chainsaws are capable of directly cutting the arm of the Bat Devil, making them extremely effective for cutting demons.

Under his feet, he manifests short chainsaws he is able to stick to walls or even walk on. Like a complete devil, he has chainsaws on all four of his arms. Denji’s chainsaws automatically retract into his body when he needs full use of his arms and legs. His full devilish form has yet to be seen.

In Makima’s words, the Chainsaw Devil is capable of devouring other Demons, thus erasing them from public memory, which makes it impossible for them to return, as evidenced by Kishibe’s ignorance of these things. There is evidence that the chainsaw devil has at some point consumed his relative devils, such as the Holocaust, the Nazis, and the nuclear bomb.   

Denji has the ability to fight armed and unarmed even without transforming. It was easy for him to block the blows of the leech devil, who was many times his size and weight.

However, he threw punches and headbutts that were powerful enough to damage her. The skills he acquired after training with Kishibe improved even more as he learned to rely more on strategy than blind force.   

When Denji abandoned Pochita, he became a Full Devil. Denji is extremely fast and strong in this form, easily taking down multiple Hybrid Devils in a matter of seconds.

He may not have completely recovered from the damage he sustained, and he was even slowed down further by being tossed into hell and into space, but these delays simply delayed him for a few minutes before he was unharmed once again.

Moreover, he is implied to have defeated all demons living in Hell; a testament to his power. According to Makima, he has killed her 26 times this way.

Despite showing he retains some memories, Denji’s form lacks his personality and consciousness. Following Denji’s defeat by Makima in order to save Kobeni and his rescue by Power, Denji was able to regain consciousness and normalcy.   


I’ve given you my list of the 10 most powerful characters in Chainsaw Man. Please comment and share your thoughts. The list may not satisfy everyone, so you can use the comment section to submit your own list as well. As for me, I can’t wait to see the upcoming anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man.

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