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Fire Force anime series released in the year 2019 holds the interest of the viewers with its thrilling and breathtaking events of actions and animations.

This series aired for a period of 2 seasons. The episodes were 48. It has a good fan base and the fans are all ears; eagerly waiting for season-3. If you are a fan of the fire-force series, we have the answers and information about the upcoming seasons.

Fire Force Seasons

If you are new to series binging, let us give you a sneak peek of the seasons prior.

It revolves around Shinra, a pyrokinetic kid who aspires to be a hero. He registers himself to a Special Fire Force Company to save people’s lives. The thrilling experience of saving people’s lives amidst the deadly flames, violent surroundings and the working force fascinates him.

But as soon he enrolls himself into the force, he feels that it is not the same as he has expected it to be. The force isn’t much friendly, they are all a mess. One of the shadowy figures from the group seems to be involved in Shinra’s family demise.

Fire Force Season-2

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date And Renewal Status 2021

The thrilling battle takes place in the seasons and season-2 ends up to make us witness a bigger battle between Company-8 and Evangelists in the coming time.

The action scenes get more intense, Arthur and Shinra have to put in more effort to tackle their enemies. With their enemies growing stronger, they both approach Benimaru for help. There is a concept of ‘The point of Death’ which Arthur and Shinra accomplish.

The upcoming Season

We know that the fans who are already familiar with the series are curious to know the release dates of season-3. As of now, no official dates or notice regarding the release date are announced yet. Hopefully, season -3 is a work in progress.

Obviously at the center of the series will be Shinra and the much-awaited final fight between Company8 and the Evangelists.

It will surely be full of intense and thrilling action scenes, which makes it harder to wait for the upcoming season.

According to the statements made by the author, the manga is supposed to end at 30 volumes. To date,28 volumes have been released. So manga is certainly on the verge of its end.Season-3 is likely to be the finale season of the series.

Taking into consideration all this, we can expect Season-3 to be released in 2021 at the earliest. Official announcements might be done near the end of 2021.

So let us wait a little longer for a thrilling watch!

It will surely be worth the wait!


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