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Gintama Episode List

What Is Gintama Filler List?

Awesomeness is another name for the Gintama filler list. A must watch for anyone who is a fan of anime.

The episodes of the anime television series Gintama anime filler list are related to Hideaki Sorachi’s Gin Tama manga.

The series premiered on April 4, 2011, on Tokyo TV. It’s a sequel to the first anime by Gintama that ended in April 2010.

The central characters from the first TV series, with Yoichi Fujita as the director, remain in this series.

Gintama is a story of an insane samurai. Gintoki Sakat is a samurai who is in his teenage years. His trainee Shinpachi Shimura & himself rescue Kagura, a teenage alien girl.

The story is set in the late Edo era of alternate-history. There, aliens called “Amanto” attack humanity.

The samurai of Edo Japan is fighting to protect Earth, but the shōgun surrenders when it realizes the strength of the aliens.

He agrees to an unfair settlement with the aliens. He agrees to ban the public carrying of swords. He also allows the aliens to enter the land.

They capture the knives of the samurai. The Tokugawa bakufu (shogunate) becomes the communist puppet of the government.

The series centers on an odd samurai who works as a freelancer. He does strange jobs. The samurai is Gintoki Sakata.

He helps Shinpachi Shimura. He is a teenager, who saves his sister Tae from an alien group. This group wants to take her to a whorehouse.

The duo rescues Kagura. She is a teenage alien girl with mega-strength. She is from a Yakuza group. They welcome her into their freelance business and the three become known as Yorozuya.

They constantly encounter the Shinsengumi police force while working. They also partner with Gintoki.

 There is the involvement of violent criminals at work. The trio also meets with Gintoki ‘s former Amanto invasion colleagues.

The nationalist Kotaro Katsura is friendly to them. He is following his terrorist actions against the alien-controlled government.

Gintama is a series of significant events with over 350 episodes. It has a strong end. However, this is a show that is worth watching. Gintama remains amazing even though the anime continues to concentrate more on action rather than humor.

Last Words

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