K Filler List
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We are giving you the ultimate and updated K Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all K Filler Episodes.


K Episode List

1KnightManga Canon2012-10-05
2KittenManga Canon2012-10-12
3KitchenManga Canon2012-10-19
4Knock-on EffectManga Canon2012-10-26
5KnifeManga Canon2012-11-02
6KarmaManga Canon2012-11-09
7KeyManga Canon2012-11-16
8KindlingManga Canon2012-11-23
9KnellManga Canon2012-11-30
10KaleidoscopeManga Canon2012-12-07
11KillerManga Canon2012-12-14
12Adolf K. WeismannManga Canon2012-10-21
13KingManga Canon2012-12-28
14KnaveManga Canon2015-10-03
15KindnessManga Canon2015-10-10
16KismetManga Canon2015-10-17
17KnotManga Canon2015-10-24
18KenManga Canon2015-10-31
19KeeperManga Canon2015-11-07
20KickdownManga Canon2015-11-14
21KaputManga Canon2015-11-21
22Kid’s RoomManga Canon2015-11-28
23KeystoneManga Canon2015-12-06
24Kali-yugaManga Canon2015-12-11
25Knuckle BumpManga Canon2015-12-19
26KingsManga Canon2015-12-26

What Is K Filler List?

K filler list is an anime series developed and directed by Shingo Suzuki by the studio GoHands in 2012. It began airing in Japan on 4 October 2012 and ended on 27 December 2012.

The episodes began to appear with the same release schedule. It aired on Animax Asia as in Japan. The episodes were also broadcasted on the VizAnime streaming platform.

A sequel was confirmed for the series on December 27, 2012. Yashiro Isana is the main protagonist. He lived a simple and relatively ordinary life.

He lives within the advanced national capital Metropolis of technology. He studies at Ashinaka highschool.

It’s an outstanding high school placed simply outside the town on the associate island.

Yashiro is helpful to everyone.  Suddenly weird things start happening. Nothing natural has happened after the recent assassination of Tatara Totsuka.

Tatara Totsuka is a key member of the popular HOMRA. Nobody knows who killed him exactly. But the man in charge is bizarre.

HOMRA’s Red Clansmen is looking for revenge. He began to take Yashiro in order to kill him.  Everyone assumes that Yashiro is the murderer.

But it’s not clear if it’s his fault. The series contains 26 episodes in total. It has a 7.2 IMDB rating. 91% of viewers like these TV series. The anime has a film sequel that was released in 2014. This anime series is extremely interesting to watch.

Last Words

So now you have the K Filler List that has all K Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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