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Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Episode List

1Child of DestinyManga Canon2016-04-16
2Sinbad the SailorManga Canon2016-04-23
3The Dungeon BaalManga Canon2016-04-30
4The First SeaManga Canon2016-05-07
5Qualities of a KingManga Canon2016-05-14
6Where You BelongManga Canon2016-05-21
7Sinbad the MerchantManga Canon2016-05-28
8The Household VesselManga Canon2016-06-04
9Sasan, Land of PurityManga Canon2016-06-11
10The Power to Change the WorldManga Canon2016-06-18
11Artemyra, City in the SkyManga Canon2016-06-25
12Djinn Equip BattleManga Canon2016-07-02
13MagiManga Canon2016-07-02

What Is Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Filler List?

Magi Adventure of Sinbad filler list was an anime series that aired from 2016 to 2016. 13 episodes of Magi Adventure of Sinbad Anime Filler list were broadcasted in total.

Magi: Adventure Sinbad anime filler has no recorded filler. It is an adventure and fantasy anime series.

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is a Japanese manga series. Shinobu Ohtaka wrote it and Yoshifumi Ohtera illustrated it.

Magi: Adventure Sinbad follows the roots of Sinbad. He became the King of Sindria years ago. Originally he lived with his father Badr.

Badr was a war veteran. His mom Esra lived in the Parthevia Kingdom. Sinbad loses his father because of the war against the Rem kingdom.

He spends his youth supporting the local people and caring for his sick mother. One day he encounters mysterious Yunan. He is unaware that he is a Magi.

His mother demands something after learning about his desire to change the world for the better.

 Yunan agrees to lead Sinbad and informs him to challenge the “Baal” dungeon that existed on the frontier between Partevia and Reim.

His wealth is still unclaimed even after it had been challenged by millions of fighters from both empires. None of the fighters could reach the next level, except Sinbad himself and Parthenia.

Sinbad overcomes Baal after defeating Drakon in war and wins the loyalty of the Djinn residing there. Thereby he becomes the first-ever Dungeon Capturer.

In time for one last meeting with his mom on her deathbed, Sinbad comes home and leaves Parthevia to start his own mission to change the world.

Last Words

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