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Parasyte -the Maxim- Episode List

What Is Parasyte The Maxim Filler List?

Parasyte -the Maxim- filler list is a series based on science fiction and the horror genre. Parasyte is a Hitoshi Iwaaki-written anime.

It is a drawn Japanese science fiction horror manga series. It is also known as Sei no Kakuritsu: Kiseijuu.

A boy high school student named Shinichi Izumi is the main protagonist of the Parasyte filler list. He is 17-year-old. He lives with his mom and dad.

He lives in a peaceful neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan. One night, small worm-like aliens appear on Earth. They appear with drill-like faces called Parasites.

They take over their victim’s brain by entering through their ears and nose. While Shinichi was sleeping one parasite tried to crawl into his nose.

But the parasite fails to enter his nose as Shinichi wakes up. Then that parasite entered Shinichi’s body. It entered by burrowing into his arm instead of the nose.

That parasite takes over Shinichi’s right hand. It makes its own identity as Migi, which means the word for ‘right’ in Japanese.

Shinichi was able to keep Migi from moving deeper up into his brain. The intelligence and personalities of both entities are separate.

When the pair meets other parasites, they focus on their strange condition. They work together to survive. They eventually develop a close bond.

This gives them an advantage in fighting other parasites. The parasites attack the pair regularly upon learning that the human brain of Shinichi is still preserved.

Shinichi feels it necessary to fight other parasites. They try to enlist Migi’s help. They consume other members of the species they infect as food.

Parasyte -the Maxim- is a very popular anime series all over the world. Anime lovers may definitely know about this well-known series.

This is a must watch series as it has a very strong plot and an entertaining series to watch.

Last Words

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