Seraph of the End Vampire Reign Filler List
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We are supplying you with the last word and up to date Seraph of the End Vampire Reign Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Seraph of the End Vampire Reign Filler Episodes.


Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign Episode List

1The World of Blood LegacyManga Canon2015-04-04
2Humanity After the FallManga Canon2015-04-11
3The Demon in Your HeartManga Canon2015-04-18
4Vampire MikaelaManga Canon2015-04-25
5Black Demon’s ContractManga Canon2015-05-02
6New FamilyManga Canon2015-05-09
7Mitsuba’s SquadManga Canon2015-05-16
8First ExterminationManga Canon2015-05-23
9Vampire AttackManga Canon2015-05-30
10Results of the ChoiceManga Canon2015-06-06
11Reunion of Childhood FriendsManga Canon2015-06-13
12Everyone’s a SinnerManga Canon2015-06-20
13Human WorldManga Canon2015-10-10
14Complicated ConnectionsManga Canon2015-10-17
15Ambition within the Demon ArmyManga Canon2015-10-24
16The Moon Demon’s OrdersManga Canon2015-10-31
17Livestock RevoltManga Canon2015-11-07
18Sword of JusticeManga Canon2015-11-14
19Shinya and GurenManga Canon2015-11-21
20Demon’s LullabyManga Canon2015-11-28
21Traitorous AlliesManga Canon2015-12-05
22Yu and MikaManga Canon2015-12-12
23Arrogant LoveManga Canon2015-12-19
24Seraph of the EndManga Canon2015-12-26
25Vampire ShahalMixed Canon/Filler2016-05-02

What Is Seraph of the End Vampire Reign Filler List?

Seraph of the End Vampire Reign filler listing is also called Seraph of the End. It is the Japanese darkish fantasy manga sequence. This sequence aired from 2015 to 2016.

In whole 25 episodes from this sequence had been launched. Takaya Kagami wrote it and Yamato Yamamoto illustrated it. Funimation has licensed the anime sequence.

It has been serialized since September 4, 2012. It was serialized by Shueisha’s month-to-month journal Jump Square.

There’s an emergence of a lethal virus that destroys everybody over the age of 13.

Humanity turns into enslaved by beforehand hidden and power-hungry vampires.

They enslave in trade for contributions of their blood. The Vampires seem to overcome civilization with the intention of saving the victims. Yuuichirou and Mikaela Hyakuya are 2 younger boys.

They had been taken captive from an orphanage. There are some extra such victims. Mikaela hatches a defiant exit plan.

He plans this with the discontent of being held underneath the brutal rule of the vampires as pets. This is finally destined to fail.

Yuuichirou is found by the Moon Demon Company. They are a army unit dedicated to the destruction of vampires. It’s in Japan.

There is just one survivor to step out on the opposite facet. Yuuichirou is now part of the Imperial Japanese Demon Army.

He was decided a number of years later to take revenge. He was decided to take revenge on the monsters.

This is as a result of the monsters murdered his members of the family. Owari no Seraph is a post-apocalyptic paranormal shounen anime.

It follows the hunt for revenge of a younger man. All the whereas struggling towards nearly unattainable odds for friendship and loyalty.

Last Words

So now you could have the Seraph of the End Vampire Reign Filler List that has all Seraph of the End Vampire Reign Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler listing of some other anime sequence, do tell us within the remark part.


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