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Space Cobra Episode List

1Resurrection! The Psychogun!Manga Canon1982-10-07
2The Mysterious Zygoba!Manga Canon1982-10-14
3Archenemy! Crystal BowieManga Canon1982-10-21
4Escape!! Sid PrisonManga Canon1982-10-28
5Mystery! Who is the Fearsome Sniper?Manga Canon1982-11-04
6The Magician’s Identity!Manga Canon1982-11-11
7Jane’s Revenge!Manga Canon1982-11-18
8Fierce Battle! Cobra versus BowieManga Canon1982-11-25
9Behold!! The Snow Gorilla Pirates!Manga Canon1982-12-02
10The Tattoo’s SecretManga Canon1982-12-09
11Zados, the Sand PlanetManga Canon1982-12-16
12The Dreadful The Ultimate WeaponManga Canon1982-12-23
13The Roulette of DeathManga Canon1982-12-30
14The Great Magician, GaltanManga Canon1983-01-06
15My Dragon Crystal Friend!Manga Canon1983-01-13
16To Hell! Rug BallManga Canon1983-01-20
17The Good-For-Nothing TeamManga Canon1983-01-27
18Death Game! At 00:78 O’ClockManga Canon1983-02-03
19Will It Happen?! A Grand Slam From BehindManga Canon1983-02-10
20Death Match! The Horror of the Sand OceanManga Canon1983-02-17
21The Two Sword KingsManga Canon1983-02-24
22The Underground VisitorManga Canon1983-03-03
23The Tomb at the Bottom of the OceanManga Canon1983-03-10
24Care to Buy a RobotManga Canon1983-03-17
25Cobra Is Dead?!Manga Canon1983-03-24
26Beyond the Fires of WarManga Canon1983-03-31
27The Evil Overlord! SalamanderManga Canon1983-04-07
28Cobra’s Angry RevengeManga Canon1983-04-21
29The Man From The Arctic And Their Fiery BloodManga Canon1983-04-28
30How to Defeat SalamanderManga Canon1983-05-12
31So Long! My Cobra!Manga Canon1983-05-19

What Is Space Cobra Filler List?

Space Cobra filler list was an anime series airing from 1982-1983. Space Cobra filler list aired 31 episodes in total.

This series is based on the same-name manga series. Buichi Terasawa is the writer of Space Cobra. Osamu Dezaki directed the series.

The series is also developed by TMS Entertainment. The story is about a Cobra. There’s a space pirate living an exciting life with his gynoid partner Armaroid Woman.

The series was broadcasted on Fuji Tv. It’s an anime series based on action, adventure, sci-fi, and space.

An office worker named Johnson lives a boring and unpleasant life in the far future. His automated servant is Ben. He suggested him to go to the Trip Movie Corporation one Sunday morning.

It’s a business that allows its customers to feel a dream as though it were a reality. Johnson asks himself to be a harem leader and also to rule a Battlestar.

Instead, Johnson becomes “Cobra” in his imagination. He becomes an explorer who travels space with his android partner, Lady Armaroid.

The Psychogun is a cybernetic arm-laser rifle. It is wielded by Cobra to battle monsters and the Pirate Gang. It’s a pirate organized crime syndicate.

Cobra helps its leader, Captain Vaiken. Cobra helps him to flee after a battle with the Guild. Vaiken delivers the image of Cobra to other pirates.

It makes him a dangerous criminal. Johnson explains the dream to an attendant after the dream ends.

The attendant is shocked as Johnson’s desire does not have any connection to pirates or Cobra. Johnson crashes into a speeding car on his way back home.

His driver seems like Captain Vaiken. The driver introduces himself as Vaiken when Johnson discusses the similarity. If he ever does not respond, he asks Johnson about “Cobra”.

He tries to kill Johnson. Unknowingly, Johnson raises his hands. A ray shoots out of his side, destroying Vaiken.

Johnson’s arm bursts with the shot. It exposes the Psychogun hidden inside it. Johnson runs home. His home is where the pistol on his arm is found by Ben.

Then Johnson discovers that he doesn’t recall anything from the past three years. He sees a knob after looking in the mirror. He twists it to show a hidden room.

He notices the gun there that he used in his dream. At that time, armed attackers broke into the house and called him “Cobra”.

A war ensues and the robotic shell of Ben breaks to expose Lady Armaroid. This happens with whom the intruders are killed by Johnson.

As Cobra, Johnson begins to recall his past life. Cobra changed his face surgically and had his memories erased. He was chased for interfering in their criminal activities by the Pirate Guild.

He was tired of life on the run. Lady Armaroid informs Cobra that his subconscious has been activated. It has been activated by the Trip Movie. This is to restore access to the memories of his past life. Cobra and Lady Armadroid, together, continue their exciting life.

Last Words

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