We are giving you the ultimate and updated Digimon Adventure 2020 Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Digimon Adventure 2020 Filler Episodes.


Digimon Adventure: Episode List

1Tokyo: Digital Crisis!Manga Canon2020-04-05
2War GameManga Canon2020-04-12
3And to the Digital WorldManga Canon2020-04-19
4Birdramon SoarsManga Canon2020-06-28
5Holy DigimonManga Canon2020-07-05
6The Targeted KingdomManga Canon2020-07-12
7That Boy is Joe KidoManga Canon2020-07-19
8The Children’s Attack on the FortressManga Canon2020-07-26
9The Ultimate Digimon AttacksManga Canon2020-08-02
10The Steel-Solid Super EvolutionManga Canon2020-08-09
11The Wolf Standing Atop the DesertManga Canon2020-08-16
12Lilymon BlossomsManga Canon2020-08-23
13Garudamon of the Crimson WingsManga Canon2020-08-30
14The Kings of the Insects ClashManga Canon2020-09-06
15Zudomon’s Iron Hammer of LightningManga Canon2020-09-13
16The Jet-Black Shadow Invades TokyoManga Canon2020-09-20
17The Battle In Tokyo Against OrochimonManga Canon2020-09-27
18Countdown to Tokyo’s AnnihilationManga Canon2020-10-04
19Howl, JyuokenManga Canon2020-10-11
20The Seventh One AwakensManga Canon2020-10-18
21The Tide-Turning UpdateManga Canon2020-10-25
22The Unbeatable Blue SagittariusManga Canon2020-11-01
23The Emissary of Darkness DevimonManga Canon2020-11-08

What Is Digimon Adventure 2020 Filler List?

Get to know about the Digimon Adventure 2020 filler list with us. It is full of facts and information.

The Japanese anime television series is Digimon Adventure is the Digimon franchise’s eighth anime series. It is a remake of the original 1999 anime television series of the same name.

In April 2020, the series premiered on Fuji TV. Taichi is scheduling a summer camping trip when he discovers a mysterious event that sweeps him into the Digital World. He goes along with the other DigiDestined.

The digital beings, the Digimons, exist in an alternative world called the Digital World. These creatures are raised by humans called Tamers. They populate the Earth’s many communication networks.

They team up to fight Evil together, seeking to break the foundation of their Digital World. Technology is quite developed around the year 2020.

There is a single network where data travels. When unusual events start in Tokyo, fifth-grader Taichi Yagami is planning for summer camp. The computer devices begin to go haywire.

He runs to the nearest station when he learns his sister and mother are stuck on an unstoppable train.

Taichi is unexpectedly transported to another dimension, where he encounters a mysterious creature called Agumon. He somehow already knows his name.

Taichi also gets a peculiar gadget called a “Digivice”. This device enables him to connect with the undigitized world. The digital device is around the globe.

Unknown to humans, this network has become the home of the “Digimon” life forms. Taichi learns that he is in the “Network”. Digimon-like viruses invade the areas that support the electronic networks of Tokyo.

Instead of rehashing old events, the concept of covering new ground is exciting in this Digimon Adventure series.

Last Words

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