Fairy Tail Filler List

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Fairy Tail Episode List

1The Fairy TailManga Canon2009-10-12
2Fire Dragon, Monkey, and BullManga Canon2009-10-19
3Infiltrate the Everlue MansionManga Canon2009-10-26
4Dear KabyManga Canon2009-11-02
5The Wizard in ArmorManga Canon2009-11-09
6Fairies within the WindManga Canon2009-11-16
7Flame and WindManga Canon2009-11-23
8The Strongest TeamManga Canon2009-11-30
9Natsu Devours a VillageFiller2009-12-07
10Natsu vs. ErzaManga Canon2009-12-14
11The Cursed IslandManga Canon2009-12-21
12Moon DripManga Canon2010-01-04
13Natsu vs. Yuka the Wave UserManga Canon2010-01-11
14Just Do Whatever!!Manga Canon2010-01-18
15Eternal MagicManga Canon2010-01-25
16The Final Showdown on Galuna IslandManga Canon2010-02-01
17BurstManga Canon2010-02-08
18Reach the Sky AboveManga Canon2010-02-15
20Natsu and the Dragon EggMixed Canon/Filler2010-03-01
21The Phantom LordManga Canon2010-03-08
22Lucy HeartfiliaManga Canon2010-03-15
2315 MinutesManga Canon2010-03-22
24To Keep From Seeing Those TearsManga Canon2010-03-29
25A Flower Blooms within the RainManga Canon2010-04-12
26Wings of FlameManga Canon2010-04-19
27The Two Dragon SlayersManga Canon2010-04-26
28Fairy LawManga Canon2010-05-03
29My ResolveManga Canon2010-05-10
30Next GenerationManga Canon2010-05-17
31A Star Removed from the SkyManga Canon2010-05-24
32Celestial Spirit KingManga Canon2010-05-31
33The Tower of HeavenManga Canon2010-06-07
34JellalManga Canon2010-06-21
35Voice of DarknessManga Canon2010-06-28
36Heaven’s GameManga Canon2010-07-05
37Armor of the HeartManga Canon2010-07-12
38DestinyManga Canon2010-07-19
39Give Our Prayers to the Sacred LightManga Canon2010-07-26
40Titania FallsManga Canon2010-08-02
41HomeManga Canon2010-08-09
42Battle of Fairy TailManga Canon2010-08-16
43Defeat Your Friends to Save Your FriendsManga Canon2010-08-23
44Thunder PalaceManga Canon2010-08-30
45Advent of SatanManga Canon2010-09-06
46Clash at Kardia Cathedral!Manga Canon2010-09-13
47Triple DragonsManga Canon2010-09-20
48FantasiaManga Canon2010-09-27
49The Day of the Fateful EncounterFiller2010-10-11
50Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!Filler2010-10-18
51Love & LuckyManga Canon2010-10-25
52Allied Forces, Assemble!Manga Canon2010-11-01
53Enter the Oración Seis!Manga Canon2010-11-08
54Maiden of the SkyManga Canon2010-11-15
55The Girl and the GhostManga Canon2010-11-22
56Dead Grand PrixManga Canon2010-11-29
57DarknessManga Canon2010-12-06
58Celestial SkirmishManga Canon2010-12-13
59Jellal of Days Gone ByManga Canon2010-12-20
60March of DestructionManga Canon2010-12-27
61Super Aerial Battle: Natsu vs. Cobra!Manga Canon2011-01-10
62Wizard Saint JuraManga Canon2011-01-17
63Your WordsManga Canon2011-01-24
64ZeroManga Canon2011-01-31
65From Pegasus to FairiesManga Canon2011-02-07
66The Power of FeelingsManga Canon2011-02-14
67I’m With YouManga Canon2011-02-21
68A Guild for OneManga Canon2011-02-28
69Call of the DragonFiller2011-03-07
70Natsu vs. Gray!!Filler2011-03-14
71Friendship Overcomes the DeadFiller2011-03-21
72A Fairy Tail WizardFiller2011-03-28
73Rainbow Cherry BlossomsFiller2011-04-04
74Wendy’s First Big Job!?Filler2011-04-11
7524-Hour Endurance Road RaceFiller2011-04-16
76GildartsManga Canon2011-04-23
77Earth LandManga Canon2011-04-30
78EdolasManga Canon2011-05-07
79Fairy HunterManga Canon2011-05-14
80Key of HopeManga Canon2011-05-21
81FireballManga Canon2011-05-28
82Welcome HomeManga Canon2011-06-04
83ExtaliaManga Canon2011-06-11
84Fly, to Our Friends!Manga Canon2011-06-18
85Code ETDManga Canon2011-06-25
86Erza vs. ErzaManga Canon2011-07-02
87We’re Talking About Lives Here!!!!Manga Canon2011-07-09
88For Pride’s Sake, the River of StarsManga Canon2011-07-16
89The Apocalyptic Dragon Chain CannonManga Canon2011-07-23
90The Boy Back ThenManga Canon2011-07-30
91Dragon SenseManga Canon2011-08-06
92O Living OnesManga Canon2011-08-13
93I’m Standing Right HereManga Canon2011-08-20
94Bye-Bye, EdolasManga Canon2011-08-27
95LisannaManga Canon2011-09-03
96He Who Extinguishes LifeManga Canon2011-09-10
97Best PartnersManga Canon2011-09-17
98Who’s the Lucky One?Manga Canon2011-09-24
99Natsu vs. GildartsManga Canon2011-10-01
100MestManga Canon2011-10-08
101Black WizardManga Canon2011-10-15
102Iron SoulManga Canon2011-10-22
103Makarov ChargesManga Canon2011-10-29
104Lost MagicManga Canon2011-11-05
105Fire Dragon vs. Flame GodManga Canon2011-11-12
106Grand Magic WorldManga Canon2011-11-19
107Arc of EmbodimentManga Canon2011-11-26
108Human GateManga Canon2011-12-03
109Lucy FireManga Canon2011-12-10
110Dead-End of DespairManga Canon2011-12-17
111Tears of Love and VitalityManga Canon2011-12-24
112The One Thing I Couldn’t SayManga Canon2012-01-07
113Tenrou TreeManga Canon2012-01-14
114Erza vs. AzumaManga Canon2012-01-21
115Freezing Fighting SpiritManga Canon2012-01-28
116Power of LifeManga Canon2012-02-04
117Rolling ThunderManga Canon2012-02-11
118The Man Without an EmblemManga Canon2012-02-18
119Realm of the AbyssManga Canon2012-02-25
120Daybreak on Tenrou IslandManga Canon2012-03-02
121The Right To LoveManga Canon2012-03-09
122Let’s Hold HandsManga Canon2012-03-16
123Fairy Tail, Year X791Manga Canon2012-03-23
124The Seven Year GapManga Canon2012-03-31
125The Magic BallFiller2012-04-07
126True Scoundrels – The Butt Jiggle GangFiller2012-04-14
127The Terror of Invisible Lucy!Filler2012-04-21
128Father’s MementoFiller2012-04-28
129Turbulent Showdown! Natsu vs. LaxusFiller2012-05-05
130Target: LucyFiller2012-05-12
131The Fury of LegionFiller2012-05-19
132Key of the Starry HeavensFiller2012-05-26
133Travel CompanionsFiller2012-06-02
134Labyrinth CapriccioFiller2012-06-09
135Footprints of the MythFiller2012-06-16
136True Scoundrels, Once AgainFiller2012-06-23
137Defying CalculationFiller2012-06-30
138The Course of the Holy WarFiller2012-07-07
139Time Begins to TickFiller2012-07-14
140Enter the Neo-Oración Seis!Filler2012-07-21
141Get the Infinity Clock!Filler2012-07-28
142Dissonance of BattleFiller2012-08-04
144Despair UnleashedFiller2012-08-18
145Real NightmareFiller2012-08-25
146Time SpiralFiller2012-09-01
147To the Infinity Castle!Filler2012-09-08
148Angel TearsFiller2012-09-15
149I Hear the Voice of My FriendFiller2012-09-22
150Lucy and MichelleFiller2012-09-29
151SabertoothMixed Canon/Filler2012-10-06
152And So We Aim for the TopManga Canon2012-10-13
153Song of the StarsManga Canon2012-10-20
154For All the Time We Missed Each OtherManga Canon2012-10-27
155Crocus, the Flower-Blooming CapitalManga Canon2012-11-03
156Sky LabyrinthManga Canon2012-11-10
157New GuildManga Canon2012-11-17
158Night of Shooting StarsManga Canon2012-11-24
159Lucy vs. FlareManga Canon2012-12-01
160PortentManga Canon2012-12-08
161ChariotsManga Canon2012-12-15
162Elfman vs. BacchusManga Canon2012-12-22
163Mirajane vs. JennyManga Canon2013-01-05
164Kagura vs. YukinoManga Canon2013-01-12
165Hatred at NightfallManga Canon2013-01-19
166PandemoniumManga Canon2013-01-26
167100 Against 1Manga Canon2013-02-02
168Laxus vs. AlexeiManga Canon2013-02-09
169Wendy vs. SheliaManga Canon2013-02-16
170Small FistsManga Canon2013-02-23
171Naval BattleManga Canon2013-03-02
172A Parfum For YouManga Canon2013-03-09
173Battle of the Dragon Slayers!Manga Canon2013-03-16
174Four DragonsManga Canon2013-03-23
175Natsu vs. the Twin DragonsManga Canon2013-03-30
176King of the DragonsManga Canon2014-04-05
177The Eclipse ProjectManga Canon2014-04-12
178Fairy TacticianManga Canon2014-04-19
179Gray vs. RufusManga Canon2014-04-26
180The Hungry Wolf KnightsManga Canon2014-05-03
181Fairy Tail vs. ExecutionersManga Canon2014-05-10
182Scorching EarthManga Canon2014-05-17
183Our PlaceManga Canon2014-05-24
184The Kingdom ’til TomorrowManga Canon2014-05-31
185Erza vs. KaguraManga Canon2014-06-07
186A Future Racing Toward DespairManga Canon2014-06-14
187FrogManga Canon2014-06-21
188Roaring Thunder!Manga Canon2014-06-28
189GloriaManga Canon2014-07-05
190The One Who Closes the GateManga Canon2014-07-12
191Natsu vs. RogueManga Canon2014-07-19
192For Me, TooManga Canon2014-07-26
193Seven DragonsManga Canon2014-08-02
194Zirconis’ MagicManga Canon2014-08-09
195People and People, Dragons and Dragons, People and DragonsManga Canon2014-08-16
196Sin and SacrificeManga Canon2014-08-23
197Time of LifeManga Canon2014-08-30
198Fields of GoldManga Canon2014-09-06
199The Grand BanquetManga Canon2014-09-13
200Droplets of TimeManga Canon2014-09-20
201A GiftMixed Canon/Filler2014-09-27
202Welcome Back, FroschFiller2014-10-03
203Moulin RougeFiller2014-10-11
204Full Effort Hospitality!Filler2014-10-18
205Signal of RebellionFiller2014-10-25
206Library PanicFiller2014-11-01
207Hisui Rises!Filler2014-11-07
208Astral SpiritusFiller2014-11-14
209Wendy vs. Aquarius – Let’s Have Fun within the Amusement Park!Filler2014-11-21
210Guild Deck vs. Celestial DeckFiller2014-11-28
211Gray vs. Cancer! Dance Battle!Filler2014-12-05
212Juvia vs. Aries! Desert Death Match!Filler2014-12-12
213Erza vs. Sagittarius! Horseback Showdown!Filler2014-12-19
214Natsu vs. LeoFiller2014-12-26
215Ophiuchus, the Snake CharmerFiller2015-01-09
216When the Stars FallFiller2015-01-16
217Celestial Spirit BeastFiller2015-01-23
219What a Pure Heart WeavesFiller2015-02-06
220413 DaysFiller2015-02-13
221The Labyrinth of WhiteFiller2015-02-20
223It’s Kemo-Kemo!Filler2015-03-07
224The Place You Came ToFiller2015-03-14
225Lightning ManFiller2015-03-21
226Fairy Tail of the Dead MeeeeeeeeenFiller2015-03-28
227Morning of a New AdventureManga Canon2015-04-04
228Wizards vs. HuntersManga Canon2015-04-11
229Art of RegressionManga Canon2015-04-18
230The Demon ReturnsManga Canon2015-04-25
231Gray vs. DoriateManga Canon2015-05-02
232Voice of the FlameManga Canon2015-05-09
233Song of the FairiesManga Canon2015-05-16
234Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – The Nine Demon GatesManga Canon2015-05-23
235Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Fairies vs. NetherworldManga Canon2015-05-30
236Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – The White LegacyManga Canon2015-06-06
237Tartaros Chapter, Prologue – Natsu vs. JackalManga Canon2015-06-13
238Tartaros Chapter – Immorality and SinnersManga Canon2015-06-20
239Tartaros Chapter – Jellal vs. Oración SeisManga Canon2015-06-27
240Tartaros Chapter – A Place Reached by PrayerManga Canon2015-07-04
241Tartaros Chapter – The Demon’s RebirthManga Canon2015-07-11
242Tartaros Chapter – To Let Live or DieManga Canon2015-07-18
243Tartaros Chapter – Wendy vs. EzelManga Canon2015-07-25
244Tartaros Chapter – Friends ForeverManga Canon2015-08-01
245Tartaros Chapter – Hell’s CoreManga Canon2015-08-08
246Tartaros Chapter – Underworld KingAnime Canon2015-08-15
247Tartaros Chapter – AlegriaManga Canon2015-08-22
248Tartaros Chapter – A Strike from the StarsManga Canon2015-08-29
249Tartaros Chapter – Celestial Spirit King vs. Underworld KingManga Canon2015-09-05
250Tartaros Chapter – Erza vs. MinervaManga Canon2015-09-12
251Tartaros Chapter – The Boy’s TaleManga Canon2015-09-19
252Tartaros Chapter – Gray vs. SilverManga Canon2015-09-26
253Tartaros Chapter – A Silver WishManga Canon2015-10-03
254Tartaros Chapter – AirManga Canon2015-10-10
255Tartaros Chapter – SteelMixed Canon/Filler2015-10-17
256Tartaros Chapter – Final DuelsAnime Canon2015-10-24
257Tartaros Chapter – Wings of DespairManga Canon2015-10-31
258Tartaros Chapter – Fire Dragon Iron FistManga Canon2015-11-07
259Tartaros Chapter – 00:00Manga Canon2015-11-14
260Tartaros Chapter – The Girl within the CrystalMixed Canon/Filler2015-11-21
261Tartaros Chapter – Absolute DemonManga Canon2015-11-28
262Tartaros Chapter – Memento MoriManga Canon2015-12-05
263Tartaros Chapter – Soaring Above IshgarManga Canon2015-12-12
264Tartaros Chapter – Drops of FireManga Canon2015-12-19
265Tartaros Chapter, Finale – Where the Power of Life LiesManga Canon2015-12-26
266The Fairy In Your HeartManga Canon2016-01-09
267The Adventure BeginsManga Canon2016-01-16
268Treasure HuntFiller2016-01-23
269Dancing with BladesManga Canon2016-01-30
270Moonlit LakeMixed Canon/Filler2016-02-06
271Blue SkullManga Canon2016-02-13
272Conveyer of MagicManga Canon2016-02-20
273TreasureManga Canon2016-02-27
274LawManga Canon2016-03-05
275Eternal AdventureManga Canon2016-03-12
276ChallengerManga Canon2016-03-19
277Message of FlameManga Canon2016-03-26
278The Lamia Scale Thanksgiving FestivalManga Canon2018-10-07
279Because of LoveManga Canon2018-10-14
280AvatarManga Canon2018-10-21
281Underground ClashManga Canon2018-10-28
282The Purification PlanManga Canon2018-11-04
283IkusatsunagiManga Canon2018-11-11
284MemoirsManga Canon2018-11-18
285The seventh Guild MasterManga Canon2018-11-25
286Law of SpaceManga Canon2018-12-02
287Emperor SprigganManga Canon2018-12-09
288To the God-Forsaken LandManga Canon2018-12-16
289Mavis and ZerefManga Canon2018-12-23
290Fairy HeartManga Canon2019-01-06
291The Magnolia Defensive WarManga Canon2019-01-13
292Morning StarManga Canon2019-01-20
293For Whom the Parfum FlowsManga Canon2019-01-27
294Natsu vs. ZerefManga Canon2019-02-03
295Across 400 YearsManga Canon2019-02-10
296What I Want to DoManga Canon2019-02-17
297Not Until the Battle is OverManga Canon2019-02-24
298In a Silent TimeManga Canon2019-03-03
299Natsu, Revived!!Manga Canon2019-03-10
300Historia of CorpsesManga Canon2019-03-17
301MettleManga Canon2019-03-24
302The Third SealManga Canon2019-03-31
303Together, AlwaysManga Canon2019-04-07
304Fairy Tail ZeroManga Canon2019-04-14
305White DragneelManga Canon2019-04-21
306The Winter WizardManga Canon2019-04-28
307Gray and JuviaManga Canon2019-05-05
308The Mightiest Demon of the Book of ZerefManga Canon2019-05-12
309Broken BondsManga Canon2019-05-19
310Pleasure and PainManga Canon2019-05-26
311Natsu’s HeartManga Canon2019-06-02
312Sting, the White Shadow DragonMixed Canon/Filler2019-06-09
313Dragon SeedManga Canon2019-06-16
314Master EnchantManga Canon2019-06-23
315Dragon or DemonManga Canon2019-06-30
316Gray’s Trump CardManga Canon2019-07-07
317Dark FutureManga Canon2019-07-14
318My Name Is…Manga Canon2019-07-21
319FeelingsManga Canon2019-07-28
320Neo EclipseManga Canon2019-08-04
321Blind to LoveManga Canon2019-08-11
322The Gate of VowsManga Canon2019-08-18
323Raging Fire of the DragonManga Canon2019-08-25
324When the Fire DiesManga Canon2019-09-01
325World DestructionManga Canon2019-09-08
326Magic of HopeManga Canon2019-09-15
327Hearts ConnectedManga Canon2019-09-22
328Dearest FriendsManga Canon2019-09-29

What Is Fairy Tail Filler List?

Fairy Tail anime filler record is a well-liked anime collection. It aired from 2009 to 2019. As of right this moment, 328 Fairy Tail episodes have been broadcasted.

Fairy Tail anime filler record has a low filler proportion of 19 % with a complete of 63 recorded filler episodes.

Natsu Dragneel is a dragon igneel. In order to search out his lacking adoptive father, he visits the Kingdom of Fiore.

 He turns into pals with a younger celestial wizard known as Lucy Heartfilia. He talks together with her all through his journey and asks her to hitch the Fairy Tail.

 Lucy creates a crew that’s adopted by different members of the guild. The crew is created with Natsu and his kitty-like companion.

 Together, the crew travels on varied missions. They go to regulate terrorists. They management unlawful darkish guilds and historic Etherian devils shaped by Zeref.

He is a magician who’s threatened with immortality and lethal energy. Then Natsu and his pals discover Zeref residing in solitude.

He was on Fairy Tail’s holy floor of Sirius Island.He reveals a want to give up the crimes he has accomplished. A warfare over Zeref arises.

War occurs From Fairy Tail and the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart. This attracts the main target of the evil black dragon Acnologia.

The spirit of their guild’s creator, Zeref, has a wierd lover. Her identify is Mavis Vermillion.

She casts the protecting Fairy Sphere spell. It places them in seven years of suspended imprisonment.

 The Fairy Tail wizards survive Acnologia ‘s risk. Fairy Tail declares warfare in opposition to Tartaros. They attempt to uncover a e-book to finish the supreme satan of Zeref.

 Igneel, revealed to have locked himself inside Natsu. It seems to fight Acnologia. Acnologia returns to annihilate each guilds.

Unfortunately, she is then murdered in entrance of a powerless Natsu. He departs to avenge Igneel on a coaching journey. Fiore is occupied by the Alvarez Empire.

It’s a strong nation ruled by Zeref. Natsu arrives one yr later. Natsu informs them of his personal existence.

Zeref consumes Mavis’ Fairy Tale. All this occurs simply inside a space-time hole shaped by the usage of Eclipse.

Inside the Fairy sphere, Lucy and the opposite magicians throughout the continent displace his physique. The collection turns attention-grabbing when he has to rise to energy of Acnologia.

The story is a good effort. It’s a should watch and a really attention-grabbing collection.

Last Words

So now you’ve gotten the Fairy Tail Filler List that has all Fairy Tail Filler Episodes List. If you want anime filler record of some other anime collection, do tell us within the remark part.

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