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RWBY Episode List

What Is RWBY Filler List?

The RWBY Filler list is an ongoing series of anime that began in 2017. So far, 40 RWBY Filler list episodes have been broadcasted.

RWBY (pronounced Ruby) is created by Rooster Teeth Productions. It is an American multimedia company.

The RWBY Filler list was produced by Monty Oum as an anime-style web series. It was written and planned with the support of Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross.

It is based in the fictional universe of Remnant. There, young people learn to be warriors. They learn to defend their world from monsters called Grimm (also “Huntsmen” and “Huntresses”).

The title RWBY comes from the forenames of the four main characters. The characters are Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Their corresponding theme colors are Red, White, Black, and Yellow.

Hence their team name is combined as Team RWBY. The story is based on Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long.

The series follows their Beacon Academy meeting and preparation. It’s a famous school for teaching Huntsmen and Huntresses.

It is a school for warriors who protect the world from evil. They make many friends and allies along the way.

Sun Wukong and Penny Polendina, and foil the villains’ schemes, like Roman Torchwick, Cinder Fall, and the White Fang terrorist squad.

As the story goes team RWBY must face its own evil forces. Ruby faces ethical dilemmas that contradict her heroic purpose.

Weiss must reconcile her heritage. Reconcile with her own moral values as heiress of the Schnee Dust Business.

Blake stays troubled by her past as a member of the White Fang. Yang looks desperately for her mom. Her mom disappeared unexpectedly when she was a child.

To know what happens next, keep watching all episodes.

Last Words

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