Death Parade Filler List is must if you want to watch Death Parade in proper order. So to help you we are listing the updated and accurate Death Parade Filler List that covers all episodes.


Death Parade Episode List

#Title        TypeAirdate
1Death Seven DartsAnime Canon2015-01-09
2Death ReverseAnime Canon2015-01-16
3Rolling BalladeAnime Canon2015-01-23
4Death ArcadeAnime Canon2015-01-30
5Death MarchAnime Canon2015-02-06
6Cross Heart AttackAnime Canon2015-02-13
7Alcohol PoisonAnime Canon2015-02-20
8Death RallyAnime Canon2015-02-27
9Death CounterAnime Canon2015-03-06
10Story TellerAnime Canon2015-03-13
11Memento MoriAnime Canon2015-03-20
12Suicide TourAnime Canon2015-03-27

What Is Death Parade Filler List?

If you want to know whether the Death Parade filler list is worth watching? The answer is yes. Death Parade anime filler list is not just an ordinary anime.

With a focus on the idea of death and extending it into a game-style format, it’s quite remarkable. But it is more than just playing a game.

We see the ins and outs of what the characters are like. Actually, it’s almost like playing with life and death itself. The way this series works is different from the normal game of survival. This is because the characters are dead already.

Death Parade (born Desu Parēdo) is an anime series produced by Madhouse creator Yuzuru Tachikawa. In total, the series has 12 episodes.

It is based on the 2013 Death Billiards animated short film. It was also created by Yuzuru Tachikawa. On January 10, 2015, it began broadcasting.

Decim, the lone bartender at the bar known as the Quindecim bar, leads this series.  He encounters a black-haired woman who has committed suicide.

The series revolves around Decim, Quindecim’s bartender and arbiter, and his black-haired woman assistant. Quindecim acts as a storage place for people’s souls that have died at the same time.

To test them and determine whether their souls will go to the void or be reborn, Decim intimidates the recently deceased individuals to play a “life-threatening game.”

At the same time, Decim receives his guests. They may have died at different locations or together.

The memories of his guests have been deleted and are coded during their Death Game to be sent back. How they act during their play determines how Decim is going to pass judgment on their souls.

Decim is the bartender (located on the 15th floor) of the Quindecim bar. He manages the Death Games among people that have died. His hobby is designing mannequins that resemble visitors who have left an impact on him.

Much like all arbiters who are referred to as dummies because they have never lived or died. He is expected to have no human feelings. Nona encourages him, as a risky experiment, to cultivate his interest in learning about human emotions.

Whenever anyone dies, they are sent inside a tower in the afterlife. They go to one of several mystical bars run by bartenders acting as arbiters.

With their lives on the line, they had to compete in the Death Games. The outcomes of the game reveal what secrets led them to their condition.

They are also told what their destiny will be afterwards. The arbiters judge whether their lives will be sent for rebirth or exiled into the void. So this is all about the story of Death Parade. You must watch it.

Last Words

So now you have the Death Parade Filler List that has all Death Parade Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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