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It is based on a webtoon manhwa called Gat Obeu Hai Seukul, and the Japanese anime adaptation is entitled The God of High School. Its premise is fairly standard shounen and contains a number of beautiful fight sequences that make it a pleasure to watch.

The standoffs will have you anticipating what might happen with the next pair of opponents. While you wait for Season 2 of God of High School to premiere, if you enjoy the fascinating fight scenes in the show, we’ve compiled a few similar anime to watch.

Thus, we are hooked and can’t wait to see more anime with battles or fight scenes that will seriously blow our minds.

I recommend One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball Z, Fairy Tail, Beelzebub, Attack on Titan, Hunter x Hunter, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, and Mob Psycho 100 without any doubt. 

Even so, there are other wonderful anime series that are very similar to God of High School. The themes that we are interested in are participation by young adults, martial arts, borrowing supernatural powers from other realms, and a winner-take-all tournament.

They are then tied together by fantastic action sequences in which opponents engage each other, which are the series’ soul and heart. Hajime-maste

10. Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game premiered in 2020 and aired 11 episodes in its first season. It is certain that there will be a second season as the manga has developed, but it has yet to be officially announced. Darwin’s Game is an interesting show, but given its limited episode count, many questions remain unanswered by the first season.

Darwin’s Game

During high school, Kaname Sudo, 17, downloads a mobile gaming app named Darwin’s Game, only to find himself locked in a deathmatch with other players. In this game, players earn points that can be used to buy real-world currency and gain special abilities.

Many players entered the game willingly, unlike Kaname who entered it unintentionally as his friend forwarded his download link. As a showstopper, we have a variety of characters with unique benefits derived from sigils, which are exploited when lives are at stake. 

There are good battle scenes in this anime if you don’t look for explanations and simply concentrate on the strategies used by each player. This anime isn’t perfect, but it makes for an enjoyable binge-watch.

9. Kill la Kill

It was an anime released in 2013 and a manga series inspired by it was published concurrently. With just 24 episodes, it is a series worth bingeing on.

With a promising female protagonist facing an equally intimidating antagonist, and teenagers getting strangely stronger by wearing attires, Kill la Gill is packed full of fan service.

Ecchi anime is usually passed off just because they belong to a certain genre. Kill la Kill rightfully makes it to this list based on the rambunctious fights and scores points on being hugely entertaining. Ryuko Matoi is the lead heroine of the series.

She joins Honnouji Academy to find out what exactly the murderer did to her father and is forced to fight with other students in order to achieve her goal. Also, her character is well developed in the story and she goes through very relatable struggles.

Kill la Kill

 Mako Mankanshoku, her best friend who is just as wacky as she is endearing, provides her emotional support. The characters frequently find themselves in absurd situations exacerbated by unpredictable circumstances.

Most of the anime is taken up by the fight scenes, which change one’s perception of the show as an Ecchi anime. The compelling fight sequences combined with rich animation and badass dialogues make it well worth watching.

8. Kengan Asura

An anime adaptation of the manga aired in 2018. A good deal of praise was given to it for how it handled the dynamics of the fights.

There aren’t any overly complicated plotlines, and it does what it’s supposed to. If there was any English equivalent to the Japanese word Kengen, it would be the phrase “way of the fist.”. Though it is not a literal translation, it perfectly reveals its meaning.

Kengan Asura

According to the anime, rival companies engage in fighting matches to resolve their disputes. Businesses worth billions are at the mercy of warring business organizations that hire fearsome and monstrous fighters. This show’s tension never lessens and will keep the viewer riveted to the screen. 

In the arena, it often involves grueling battles and sometimes results in near-death experiences among the participants. According to Netflix, the show is rated 18+ because it contains gore and violence. It is one of the best anime of the season, so do not miss out on it.

7. Kenichi, The Strongest Disciple

A shounen anime in the Kenichi, The Strongest Disciple genre is a straightforward action-comedy. This series aired from 2006 through 2007. It’s an anime that perfectly combines comedy and martial arts. Similar to God of High School, this game features martial arts-based fights.

Kenichi, The Strongest Disciple

Kenichi Shirahama is the main character, and even the well-developed side characters raise a chuckle. In fact, this animated series is actually quite good. There is never a feeling of forced tension in the narrative.

Action-packed fight sequences contrast with a very natural setting in which characters develop. It effortlessly shifts from wacky to tense.

A lot of the humor in Kenichi, The Strongest Disciple sets you up for vigorously enjoying the following high-spirited battle sequences. 

Kenichi’s dedication to the practice of martial arts under eight masters has made him a very lovable baka character.

There is no tournament setting in this show, but there will be run-ins with hooligans who will get stronger as the story progresses. Among the best action-comedy martial arts anime on the market, this is a highly recommended watch.

6. Fate/Stay Series

Saber is one of the famous lead characters from this series. Also, this character is a common choice in categories including most figurines sold and who viewers want as their boyfriend/girlfriend.

In the years since its premiere in 2006, Fate/Stay has had multiple sagas, and the latest one will be announced soon. Humans are able to learn from other realms’ skill sets when participating in battle royales. 

Fate/Stay Series

An anime storyline is characterized by intense drama, climactic fight scenes, and the development of characters with meaningful backstories. Fate/Stay is an anime that will take your breath away in any case. I recommend you watch it. It would be the one series that I would compare to God of Highschool.

5. The Law of Ueki

Ueki no Housoku, one of the quintessential shounen movies, makes the list as an easygoing watch. It is a series about middle schoolers, so there is a great deal of silliness in it. Fighting in an anime is not the same as being gloomy, after all the protagonist recycles trash into trees as one of their powerful abilities.

The Law of Ueki

Kosuke Ueki, an idealistic middle school student with a sense of justice, is the central character here, and he joins the fray to fight for something bigger. This is more of a drive for simplicity and childlike innocence rather than a deep moralistic point of view, and it doesn’t mean to preach. In the process, he makes friends.

Characters receive a number of powers bestowed on them by celestial beings from heaven, as in God of High School. As per the Japanese education system, middle schoolers ages 12-15 usually possess these abilities. A subplot also surrounds the reasons for including this age bracket as a mandatory requirement. 

In a tournament called Battle of Supernatural Powers, these kids represent celestial beings and compete against one another. In the other realm, the celestial being who remains next to the last one wins a power to keep forever, and the last one standing takes over as leader.

It’s always fun to watch fights because you never know what funny power will surface or how the events will unfold. Some people find this anime to be mediocre at best, but nevertheless a memorable one. You will most likely enjoy this if you liked God of High School.

4. Baki Series

In addition to Baki Grappler and Baki Grappler- Tournament, the latest episode of this series is called Baaki. This manga’s author (mangaka) is a real-life martial artist who practices in a dojo. Baki Hanam has been studying martial arts since he was 3 years old, under various masters of different styles.

In his quest to beat his estranged father Yujiro Hanma, he will face off with the strongest of them all. Baki Grappler Tournament, the second arc, presents a final showdown match between him and his father. 

Baki Series

After the previous arc concluded in 2017, the latest installment named Baki was aired in 2018. Currently 17-year-old Baaki Hanma boasts the title of being the strongest after a faceoff with his father.

The result is that he attracts numerous powerful opponents who are equally bored as he is. Following the first arc, subsequent arcs are rated as 18+ for violent content.

Watching this series in chronological order isn’t entirely necessary. With no storyline development, viewers are able to enjoy martial arts fights with many different styles.

There is a level of detail in the Baki series that is unmatched. It is clear to see the differences between martial arts forms in how a punch is landed. This anime has 38 different martial arts will be introduced to you. Baki series are fun even though they are inspired by real martial arts. 

Exaggeration, sometimes bordering on ridiculousness, can be delightful. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys watching bloodthirsty men fight.

3. Megalo Box

According to the manga title, Tomorrow’s Joe (Ashita no Joe) the manga is all about boxing with a slight twist. Despite its gritty color concept and fresher representation of animation, Megalo Box makes you want to watch some retro anime. I find it surprising that the game came out in 2018. It has a beautiful art style.

It contributes greatly to the appeal of the game. With profound storytelling and deep characters, it is a brilliant anime that has all the right elements in the right proportion. During its initial days, Megalo Box was one of those hidden gems that went unnoticed. In recent years, it has built an ardent fan base for all the right reasons.

Megalo Box

Joe from Megalo Box and Jin Mori from GoH are both characterized by the spirit of true sportsmanship. The motivation to participate in fights for Mori is simply to become stronger and cooler and have fun as well.

During about, Joe also steps into the ring. The plot of Megalo Box revolves around Joe entering a world-class boxing tournament called Megalonia.

The sport of boxing is faithfully depicted without fancy animation while remaining a pure adrenaline rush. Fighting scenes are particularly well-observed, with particular attention paid to fighting nuances.

Seeing each subtle movement is astounding, and you can begin to comprehend the level of skills needed to become a boxer. 

The animators put their true passion into the fight sequences, which produces mind-blowing effects. Another key element that makes it even more exciting is the background music. All in all, we have amazing boxing sequences, amazing storytelling, cool background music, and an underdog lead.

There is much more to this anime than KOs and throwing fists. As well as running commentary on the world, the narrative is utterly relatable. Anime fans must definitely watch it. There is no way to emphasize it enough. Netflix rates it 18+.

2. Zodiac War

Adapted from manga, Zodiac War (Juni Taisen) aired in 2017. They have both concluded.

Throughout the story, a battle royal occurs every twelve years. Ultimately, there will be only one winner, who will get his or her wish. Watching this anime is very interesting since there are twelve fighters who represent the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac.

Combat styles tend to be influenced significantly by the temperament and type of the animals that a fighter identifies with. A great deal of tension is built with the way the story is delivered. The background stories are equally important as the battle royals.

Despite its faults, this is certainly one of those anime that doesn’t try to be exceedingly good yet successfully manages to maintain your interest.

Zodiac War

I’ll include these bonus suggestions because, well, why not: Noragami, The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Samurai Champloo, Demon Slayer, Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

1. Tower of God

In Kamo no Tou (Tower of God), attention is paid to character design intricacies as well as a distinct animation style. These elements greatly enhance the enjoyment of the show. It’s also based on a webtoon serialized from a manhwa.

Despite their differences, both series feature naive, open-minded leads. Bam, from Tower of God, has a more sensitive side compared to Mori. The relationship between Bam and other characters is not limited to rivalry. 

There are many reasons why players will push limits during the tournament so that they can become the ultimate winner. 

Tower of God

It is amazing to watch them utilize their physical and mental abilities to overcome each hurdle in order to achieve their wish. By gradually revealing more about GoT’s alternate universe, the storyline progresses with comic relief.

It is more interesting because moves and weapons have specific names and are unique to each character. There is just the right amount of excitement and gore in the fight scenes. Those who enjoyed the first season of God of Highschool should definitely check out the Tower of God.

Which one of these is comparable to the God of Highschool, according to you? If you could choose one, which one would it be? Comment below to share your thoughts.


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