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Angel Beats! Episode List

1DepartureANIME CANON2010-04-03
2GuildANIME CANON2010-04-10
3My SongANIME CANON2010-04-17
4Day GameANIME CANON2010-04-24
5Favorite FlavorANIME CANON2010-05-01
6Family AffairANIME CANON2010-05-08
7AliveANIME CANON2010-05-15
8Dancer in the DarkANIME CANON2010-05-22
9In Your MemoryANIME CANON2010-06-05
10Goodbye DaysANIME CANON2010-06-05
11Change the WorldANIME CANON2010-06-12
12Knockin’ on Heaven’s DoorANIME CANON2010-06-19
13GraduationANIME CANON2010-06-26
14Another EpilogueANIME CANON2010-12-22
15Stairway to HeavenAnime Canon2010-12-22
16Hell’s KitchenAnime Canon2015-06-24

What Is Angel Beats Filler List?

Angel Beats filler list is an anime series that started from 3rd April 2010 till 24th June 2015. There were 15 episodes in total. This series was produced by the PA Works and the Aniplex.

This series was directed by Seji Kishi. The story was originally created by Jun Maeda. Jun Maeda also wrote the scripts and composed the music all by herself.

She composed with the help of the group Anant-Garde Eyes. The original character was designed by Na-Ga. Otonashi is a boy who lives in the afterlife.

He has no memories of his life before he was dead. Then he joined a school named SSS. He had a mission to fight against God. Angel Beats is a High School in the afterlife.

This is the place where each one has to overcome their problems before passing on. This same happens with Yuzuru Otonashi. He is a boy who is in the afterlife.

He meets a girl named Yuri Nakamura in the afterlife. She invites him to join Afterlife Battlefront (SSS). This was an organization that rebelled against God.

The student council’s president is their enemy. The enemy’s name is Angel. She does have supernatural powers and also believed in God.

The afterlife also includes other members other than the members of the SSS organization. They are fabricated students. The teachers have also fabricated whom Yuri refers to as the NPCs (non-player characters).

Otonashi also participates in many of the SSS organizations’ missions and a lot more. SSS manages to demote Angle from her position. Otonashi starts regaining his memories.

He later became friends with Angle. The angel’s real name was Kanade. A shadow-like entity has started to attack the residences of the afterlife. It turned them into NPCs.

Yuri starts destroying all of the sources of the shadow. The shadow that was created by computers. These computers are programmed to detect love in the afterlife.

Only 5 members hold the graduation ceremony just before Naoi, Yuri and Hinata pass on. Finally, Otonashi tells Kanade that he has fallen in love with her.

He remains in the afterlife and helps others to move on. Kanade tells that her regret was not able to thank her heart. Otonashi was heartbroken after she thanked him. She passed on leaving him alone in the afterlife. Just after that Otonashi became the high school’s council president. He always helps the lost souls depart from the afterlife. He kept on waiting to see Kanade again.

Last Words

So now you have the Angel Beats Filler List that has all Angel Beats Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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