We are giving you the ultimate and updated Den Noh Coil Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Den Noh Coil Filler Episodes.


Den-Noh Coil Episode List

1The Children with GlassesManga Canon2007-05-12
2COIL Cyber Detective AgencyManga Canon2007-05-19
3Yuko and YukoManga Canon2007-05-26
4Daikoku City Heike ClubManga Canon2007-06-02
5The Metabug Scramble Bus TourManga Canon2007-06-09
6The Red AutomatonManga Canon2007-06-16
7In Action!! The COIL Investigation AgencyManga Canon2007-06-23
8The Summer Festival and a DuelManga Canon2007-06-30
9Michiko-san from the Other SideManga Canon2007-07-07
10Kanna’s DiaryManga Canon2007-07-14
11Sunken! Daikoku CityManga Canon2007-07-21
12Daichi Grows HairManga Canon2007-07-28
13The Last PlesiosaurManga Canon2007-08-04

What Is Den Noh Coil Filler List?

Den Noh Coil is also referred to as Dennou Coil. Den no Coil fihller list is a very interesting sci-fi anime.

It shows the enjoyable possibilities of combining reality with virtual reality, while also adding supernatural elements that add a lot of suspense and mystery.

Dennō Coil anime filler list, Coil-A Circle of Children, is a Japanese science fiction anime TV show portraying a distant future.

The story has just begun to enter semi-immersive augmented reality (AR) technology. In the series, one of the important characters is Dennō Coil, Yūko Okonogi, also called Yasako.

She is a gentle, dark-haired elementary school student. Yasako moves to Daikoku town with her sister Kyōko and her two parents to live with her grandmother, Megabaa.

Yasako is a sweet and compliant girl who follows Fumie’s lead. He is the eighth member. He eventually gets into Megabaa’s Coil Cyber Detective Agency.

Yasako went to Daikoku City seven years ago to attend her grandfather’s funeral. As a memento, a pair of dennō eyeglasses and the virtual pet Densuke were left with her.

She coincidentally stumbled through the Coil Domain during her time in Daikoku. There she befriended a young boy with the codename 4423.

Her foggy memories of that mysterious relationship gradually return to haunt her. All this happens after Yasako returns to live in Daikoku.

Yūko Okonogi moves with her family to the city of Daikoku in 2026. It is eleven years after the launch of internet-connected virtual reality eyeglasses and visors. It is the technical hub of the new half-virtual world.

Yūko joins the “investigation agency” of her grandmother. It consists of children filled with virtual instruments and metatags.

Their analysis throws up mounting proof of children who have been dragged away to the unknown “other side” of reality.

Last Words

So now you have the Den Noh Coil Filler List that has all Den Noh Coil Filler Episodes. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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