The Interesting Incidents In The life Of Gon
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A complete package of twists and turns, developments in the plotline, Hunter X Hunter is a Japanese, manga series worth the watch. It takes us through the adventures of Gon, a boy of young age. The young boy’s quest is to track his father who is a legendary ‘hunter’ .To find him, he decides to become a great ‘hunter’. But it is always easier said than done. The journey of this path is indeed a tough one, for becoming an official hunter he needs to pass an exam. He starts his journey, befriends people. They all need to work together to overcome the adversities of the circumstances thrust upon them.

One can expect the outcomes only not subvert them, as this anime is full of unpredictable events.

The Strength of Gon

The Strength of Gon
The Strength of Gon

The powers of Gon vary. During the time at which he seeks vengeance for kite, we find him strongest. During the New York City arc, he employs an enormous sum of yen to surpass a royal guard’s level which results in the increment of his power twenty times.

However, while we compare Gon [without nen] to killua, his best friend, killua would likely win but eventually as the anime goes forward, we are supposed to see the changes with gon being exposed to multiple Nen battles, he will eventually have the power to defeat killua as well be it the game against Netero, Razor or his sacrificial tendencies or his being inexperienced, he is quite an intelligent guy.

The curiosity of whether Gon dies or not?

This might have troubled you for quite a time. So let us brief you about this.

Gon does not succumb to death. Even though the Jajanken blast was a furious one, taking into clasp the entire forest and he. He was unaware of Nanika, the happenings around at the moment revived him.

Gon voluntarily gave up his life energy. We are all aware of his overconsumption of Nen to the extent of ageing his physical body to conquer pitou.

At that very crucial moment, his body took a muscular shape on the spot.

By giving up on the ability to using Nen, the conversion co-existed with an overwhelming aura. This gave him the power to avenge kite by defeating Pitou.

How Gon was Revived?

Gon was Revived
Gon was Revived

Nanika, being a vengeful spirit of the dark continent has the power to grant innumerable wishes. But to get the wishes granted, the requester has to fulfil her 3 demands. It wasn’t easy to get wishes fulfilled by Nanika.

Killia goes to Nanika with a wish to revive Gon. Nanika comes with 3 conditions. The first one ‘playing dead’, the second one ‘playing Shiritori’and the third one patting its head. All of this wasn’t easy. But Killia with his determined intentions to save his friend was able to do all this. And eventually, Nanika brought him back to life. The only limitation was that no Nen abilities were transferred to him this time.

The use of Nen

The use of Nen in hunter x hunter
The use of Nen in hunter x hunter

During his battle with Pitou, he thought that his end is near so he used every power he had. As he strongly wanted to avenge Kite’s death, he used all his powers at once, which were equal to the Chimera Ant King’s power levels.

After his revival, all his aura nodes close. So he can never use Nen again.


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