Asta’s Swords
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Every Black Clover anime fan is intrigued by Asta and his Swords. Here is everything we know Asta’s Swords.

Raised in the Hage village church, Asta is an orphan boy. He is the possessor of a five-leaf clover grimoire and is also a Junior Magic Knight by the third class. He belongs to the Clover Kingdom’s Black Bull and Royal Knights squads.

Obviously, Asta is the lead character in the anime series Black Clover. He is a little different from the other people in the Black Clover world because he does not have any magic.

However, he has a Five Leaf Grimoire and Three Swords which place him in a parallel position to the nobles of the King. The Wizard King has also acknowledged his abilities and powers.

An expert swordsman and probably the strongest individual after Captain Yami is what everyone knows about Asta.


Grimoire: The Grimoire Asta possesses is a five-leaf clover grimoire. He received this when he fought with Revchi.

Although the grimoire is old, dusty, and tattered, the black insignia mark of a five-leaf clover is still intact in the center of the cover. The symbol is not clearly visible due to the dust on its cover which gave Asta the idea that the grimoire has some unique magic but other than that it is just an ordinary book.

This grimoire was originally a four-leaf-clover grimoire and belonged to Licht. This was before she was wronged by Zagred the devil and possessed by another devil.

Anti Magic Swords

Anti magic sword
Anti magic sword

Asta has the ability to summon Anti-magic-infused swords using the grimoire. There are various words she has to recite to nullify the magic of different offenses. These swords can cut through magic and also turn into blunt weapons when being used to strike anything.

Demon Slayer Sword:  The first sword is the Demon Slayer Sword which can expand in size by extending Anti Magic through the blade’s edges. Meanwhile to deflect other spells the flat side of the sword is used.

Following the six-month training in the Heart Realm Asta is now able to partially control the Anti Magic within the sword. He can now summon the sword back to himself through a simple act of keeping his palm open and reciting his name.

Demon-Dweller Sword: The second sword is the Demon-Dweller Sword which unravels projected Anti Magic slashes which give Asta the power to slash spells from far away. He is also able to borrow magic from the other people in his surrounding.

Except Licht only Asta has the power to wield this sword because similar to Licht even he doesn’t possess any mana.

Demon Destroyer Sword: Asta’s third sword contains the ability called Causality Break. This enables Asta to generate Anti Magic tendrils and these tendrils can absorb a side spell effects and also remove them.

Yami’s Katana
Yami’s Katana

Yami’s Katana: While fighting against Dante Zogratis, Yami Sukehiro gave Asta his katana. The devil arm of Asta covers the Anti Magic in the sword which empowers him to cause great damage to Dante to the extent of unconsciousness.

So, this is all that you should know as a Black Clover fan!


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