Most often we all draw a parallel between anime and Japan. Popularly, anime themes are inspired by European settings. So frequently we get to see anime series or movies set in either the land of sushi and technology or we see characters replicated from Big Ben.

However, why should all the great anime come from Japan. Following is a list of the 5 Best British Anime Characters you will end up being fond of from the British anime world.

5. Sherlock Holmes

The best way to start a list is with the famous Sherlock Holmes. We have all seen Sherlock Holmes in many different version and in various anime.

Mostly the characters and the plot have been taken from the already known series  but in some cases the characters have been placed into the modern world.

Sherlock Holmes – Case File nº221 Kabukicho (2019)

Case File no. 221: Kabukicho is a series that is different from the rest of the series. We all know the creative and innovative Holmes solves crimes in his own way. His lies thin by keeping intact his deductive and observational abilities.

Sherlock Sherlock  is a merciless and silent person. His strong sense of smell and observation help him analyze the situation effectively and reach to the desired conclusions.

He solves crimes and delivers it in a manner called the Mystery Solving Rakugo. This is performed by two alter egos, Kuma and an Old Man.

4. England/Britain/Arthur

While talking about British characters how can we forget to mention England.

England-Britain-Arthur – Hetalia Axis Powers (2013)

He is the protagonist of the both the manga and the anime series named Hetalia: Axis Powers. Representative of United Kingdom and England, he was later in the series named Arthur.

A man who was formerly a pirate is now a clever and shrp0toungues gentleman.

Some of his traits are bad cooking, no resistance over liquor, a mouth with only harsh words and finally the ability to see supernatural being and magically curse his opponents.

3. L

death note – L

The lead character L has many personalities and one of them is being the world’s best detective. He is not so conscious about his personality or appearance and often seems to be a pinch of rude.

Obsession with sweets helps his brain work overtime due to which a lot of calories are burnt and he cannot get fat. He sits with his knees up on the other hand because he says that his thinking efficiency increases by about 40%.

He questions every fact and everything in sight. Though he has a good sense of justice he still gathers proves to support what he believes.

2. Allen Walker

D.Gray-man – alan walker

The protagonist of the series is Allen Walker who is a 15-year-old boy and a kind-hearted person. He desires to get to the Black Order which is the patron organization for Exorcists.

He was abandoned by his parents when he was a child because he was born with a disability i.e., one of his hands was completely burnt. Along with this, he has a prominent scar on the left side of his face.

This scar starts from his forehead in a pentagram shape and then extends downwards in the form of a line separating his eyebrows till the chin.

He is a good and sweet boy who is willing to do anything for other people. Nonetheless, difficult times harden even the softest souls. His dark side reflected out stronger after he works on his poker skills in order to pay off some debt.

1. Emma

A romantic historical drama anime with the protagonist Emma shows how a poor fatal fate girl despite belonging from the down the rail side falls for a wealthy gentleman.

Emma was the resident of Yorkshire with her parents but after her parents died, she had to live with her aunt which was not easy. Considered to be a burden on the family and a useless entity, she still did the best she could to help her family.

Emma (Anime) – The Promised Neverland

While working one day she gets abducted by a child trafficker. Thankfully, she is able to escape from his shackles before he could sell her to a cathouse. She escapes and goes to London where she, fortunately, finds a job as a servant.

Later in the story, Kelly Stoner hires her as a maid but treated her as her very own child. Emma and William’s relationship was initially difficult and she was blind towards the upcoming dangers.

Moreover, when she realizes that this relationship would never work, she goes back to her home in the village.


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