We are giving you the ultimate and updated Handa-Kun Filler List and Filler Guide that covers all Handa-Kun Filler Episodes.


Handa-kun Episode List

1Handa-kun and a Girl’s FriendshipManga Canon2016-07-08
2Handa-kun and the Continuation of Episode 1 / Handa-kun and the Chairperson / Handa-kun and the ModelManga Canon2016-07-15
3Handa-kun and the Truant / Handa-kun and Cooking Class / Handa-kun and his friendManga Canon2016-07-22
4Handa-kun and Handa-kun? / Handa-kun and a Girl’s Jealousy / Handa-kun and SociabilityManga Canon2016-07-29
5Handa-kun and Student Council / Handa-kun and Memory LossManga Canon2016-08-05
6Handa-kun and Friend of a Friend / Handa-kun and Dash Higashino / Handa-kun and Palm ReadingManga Canon2016-08-12
7Handa-kun and the Supplementary Exam / Handa-kun and the LibraryManga Canon2016-08-19
8Handa-kun and the School TripMixed Canon/Filler2016-08-26
9Handa-kun and the Frog / Handa-kun and the StalkerFiller2016-09-02
10Handa-kun and the Average Guy / Handa-kun and the Bishoujo”Manga Canon2016-09-09
11Handa-kun and the Cultural Festival PreparationsManga Canon2016-09-16
12Handa-kun and the Cultural FestivalManga Canon2016-09-23

What Is Handa-Kun Filler List?

Handa-Kun Filler list has a total of 12 episodes. Handa-Kun filler has a very low filler percentage of 8 percent. There’s a total of 1 recorded filler episode.

Handa-Kun is an anime produced by Diomedea. The manga of the same name is based on it. This anime is much less intense than its predecessor.

The storyline is great with interesting characters. Handa-Kun is a comedy series that will definitely make you laugh. Sei Handa is hated by everyone around him.

He lives as a loner in his high school life. Sei is actually the school’s most popular Student. He’s loved by fellow students, teachers, and even has a fan club to defend him.

He is respected by all for his outstanding abilities in calligraphy, great looks, and stylish personality. Handa perceives the admiration he gets from the thousands of his fans.

He distances himself away from most of his friends. This is because of the bullying due to an endless series of misconceptions.

This caused the school hero to distance himself from his friends. But still, it does not stop them from loving him.

In fact, most of the students frequently end up supporting his efforts. This happens to gain focus away from himself to his supporters.

Keep watching to know what happens next.

Last Words

So now you have the Handa-Kun Filler List that has all Handa-Kun Filler Episodes List. If you need anime filler list of any other anime series, do let us know in the comment section.


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