Which Major Characters Die In Boruto

After the huge success of the Naruto franchise, it is so obvious that Boruto had to gain the same popularity. Each character in this beloved series is precious and will break hearts if cut off from the universe.

Also knowing what happens ahead, a glimpse of the mystery is always a hot topic between fans. They always want to know how their favorite character is portrayed further and if dies, then how.

Though the series doesn’t have much of the serious death parts but recently there have been devastating losses. This is because we got to know that Mikio Ikemoto isn’t afraid of killing some of our favorite characters.

Here are all the major characters that die in Boruto.

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7. Isshiki

Isshiki Otsutsuki died in chapter 53. He was one of the major antagonists in the series.


After the rebellion led by Kashin Koji, Isshiki had to reincarnate into a weak Jigen’s body.

As Isshiki had a massive powerful chakra the body could not sustain him for long. Along with that, Isshiki had barely any time to find Kawaki and keep Karma on him.

This is the time where Naruto and Sasuke interrupt and shorten Isshiki’s alive time using Baryon Mode.

6. Deepa

Deepa was one of the strongest and most complex members of the Kara. In Chapter 175, during a fiery training, the combined powers of Sarada, Mitsuki and Boruto was the only thing that finally cracked through Deepa and defeated him.

Deepa in boruto
Deepa in boruto

Further in chapter 181, Deepa’s brain was regenerated by Amado. But Jigen termed him useless after gaining information on Victor’s plans and then Amado dissolved Deepa’s remains.

5. Momoshiki

The whole scene of Momoshiki’s death started when he kidnapped Naruto. He was then encountered by Sasuke Boruto and the five kages who influenced him to take up his comrade Kinshiki.


Then in Chapter 9, Naruto gave Boruto his chakra and created a massive Rasengan to kill Momoshiki.

Sasuke was given the task to distract Momoshiki and in the meanwhile Boruto’s shadow clone captured Momoshiki’s chakra absorbing Rinnegan and hitting him with a Rasengan at the same time.

4. Jigen

Jigen died in Chapter 47. The thing was that Jigen was the containing body of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

Jigen in boruto
Jigen in boruto

When Isshiki was reincarnated in his body, Jigen’s life was terminated. Jigen died when Isshiki reincarnated in his body at the time of the battle against Kashin Koji.

3. Ao

Byakugan Killer, the lesser known hero of the most village appeared in the story in Chapter 19.

ao in boruto
ao in boruto

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Ao survived the Ten-Tails’ attack. But after this he did not return to his village, Hidden Mist Village. Instead, he becomes an Outer part of the Kara.

Ao was defeated by Team 7 in a fierce ninjutsu versus ninja technique battle. This happened in Chapter 22 and later on another member of the Kara, Kashin Koji killed him.

There was a time where Boruto was nearly on the verge of killing Ao, but rather decided to show some mercy and let go of him. But anyways, Kashin Koji had planned to kill Ao. He was killed under the pressure of Kashin Koji’s huge Boiler Toad.

Ao captured our hearts when he pushed Boruto away using a jujutsu to save him. He did this despite being in a near death situation and Ao was crushed. He died a true ninja.

2. Boro

Boro was the guardian of Naruto after Jigen sealed him. Team7 and Kawaki meet Boro at the same time. Boro’s Dark Mist ninjutsu and his regenerative skills qualified him as quite an intimidating competitor.

Boro in boruto
Boro in boruto

However, it wasn’t so difficult for the young shinobi to decode Boro’s ninjutsu and his regeneration. Now that Sarada had information about the Kara members’ scientifically modified bodies, he successfully located Boro’s core and destroyed it.

This useful information was provided by Kawaki.

In chapter 43, after the destruction of Boro”s core, Momoshiki Otsutsuki intentionally took over Boruto’s body and killed Boro with the Rasengan.

1. Kurama

The consequence of a twisted fate was the death of Kurama in chapter 55. He died while defeating Isshiki Otsutsuki through a final attack. When Kurama died, all the fans were utterly devastated and so was Naruto as he lost his oldest companion.

Kurama in boruto
Kurama in boruto

This untimely demise of Kurama happened just after Naruto used Baryon Mode which sucked away all the energy from Kurama’s chakra.

This technique was Naruto’s last resort. In this scenario Narita was ready to die but Kurama did not tell Naruto that Baryon Mode would kill Kurama not Naruto.

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