Best Snippers in World Trigger
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Snippers are the backbone of any team, as an important support system. If we see the ace players losing or stuck in any situation, the Snippers are always the heroes of the hour. Without any further ado, let’s dive in to know about the Best Snippers in World Trigger!

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10. Atsushi Hokari

Atsushi Hokari
Atsushi Hokari

Atsushi is renowned for his straight face look. He is usually calm but not everyone can see that. Hitting on someone’s deepest insecurities is what he does to roll the ball to his side.

Surprisingly, he ranked 5th in the stealth and acquisition training, despite the fact that he was a B ranker.

We all could see his competitive spirit through the rank wars. Especially, during the fight against Tamakoma 2 and the Suwa unit.

The drawback of the terrain and timing were not any hurdles in his path to show his skills. Remember, when Atsushi shot Yuma from a blind spot. His snipping is precise and incredibly fast due to the Eaglet.

9. Koji Oki

Koji Oki
Koji Oki

Oki is smart, confident, handsome, flirty and all these qualities make him popular among girls.

But even after having all these protagonist qualities, Oki’s flaw cannot be unseen. His disadvantage is that he cannot shoot young girls.

Still we see Osamu placing Oki as a dangerous opponent and telling his members to stay alert.

This happens despite the fact that Tamakoma 2 members are innately talented. It simply means that Oki is overpowering even over them.

His hold in snipping is so strong that people bail out. He could successfully shoot Yuma and Chika.

8. Yoshito Hanzaki

Yoshito Hanzaki
Yoshito Hanzaki

Sleep and Hanzaki are synonymous. He can literally sleep anywhere. It becomes hard to imagine him as a sniper because being a sniper requires quick movement. But he is passionate about sniping and hence one of the best.

Hanzaki scored the 4th position in Stealth ranking.

Talking about his snipping skills, he is very competitive and is one of those unique individuals who can shoot a non moving object from 1km away.

Although he is not seen in action so much, we know that he has a bright future ahead.

7. Yuzuru Ema

Yuzuru Ema
Yuzuru Ema

Yuzuru is a person who doesn’t hesitate to speak his mind due to which  he may seem discourteous sometimes. Normally he doesn’t regard anything happening around him, but when Chika is involved he flips completely.

Yuzuru has a crush on Chika. Probably he visualizes his mentor, Mirai in her as both the ladies have an almost similar personality.

Chika is Yuzuru’s motivation and it was because of her that he joined the expedition force. His overall individual ranks are higher than Shun Midorikawa.

His amazing sharpshooting potential is displayed when he draws a star on his stationary target.

Gunner and Yuzuru’s fighting style is the same but his proficiency in stealth saves him from attacks.

6. Ken Satori

Ken Satori
Ken Satori

Satori is a snobbish person. He can praise himself anywhere and everywhere, whatever the situation be. This self-praise is not something unreal, it is all his real capabilities and each and everyone of us should appreciate this guy.

Ken Satori is like the eighth wonder of the world. He has the mind boggling ability to use two snipers simultaneously. A Double-wielding sniper is both cool and weird but the plus point here is that he can shoot mid- air targets.

His catchphrase is now “Did you see my Double-shot sniper?” I was totally stunned to know that Satori was self-trained and the only person with two Eaglet sets in the Border.

5. Tetsuji Arafune

Tetsuji Arafune
Tetsuji Arafune

Tetsuji wants to be an All-Rounder just like Reiji and for that he works hard. He is an ambitious man who is the leader of B rank Arafune unit and is also a former Attacker. He clearly believes in healthy conception and good sportsmanship.

He was a remarkable Attacker and is an outstanding Shooter with more than 8000 Usage points for Eaglet and Ibis.

Arafune’s analytical skills are extraordinary and helped him decide Yuma’s fighting style just with a glimpse at the logs. He is quick with his action and was the last surviving member of the team.

Towards the end, he shot Lamvanein, who was flying in the air.

Another great example of his versatility is seen when in the fight against Chika he had already lost both his legs but shot Chika the very moment she was visible. Tetsuji is a completely different sniper.

4. Toru Narasaka

Toru Narasaka
Toru Narasaka

Toru is the embodiment of your class monitor. Always strict and not tolerating nonsense which is basically fun. He hates Neighbors just like Mika and so he is in the Kido faction.

Though his skills are at par with Toma but as the ranking system is built on usage point criteria, his rank is second.

Toru has the ability to shoot non moving objects from a distance of 1km, which is incredible. At the beginning of the series we see that he shot Yuma even when he was in his Black Trigger mode.

3. Reiji Kizaki

Reiji Kizaki
Reiji Kizaki

The All-Rounder. You can give any trigger to Reiji and he will use it like a pro. Probably, each of his triggers is estimated to be more than 6000 Usage Points.

He is the Border’s Strongest unit and has the potential of an entire unit in battle. This is also because he is Tamakoma First’s leader.

A cool fact about him, he has a specialised Trigger Holder which can hold 14 triggers at a time. He is also a specialist in creating combinations of those triggers and attacking in unknown ways.

Reiji’s sniping is at the expert level and this is why he is the mentor of Chika Amatori and leads a sniper team.

2. Isami Toma

Isami Toma
Isami Toma

Toma is a critical and deprecating man who straightforwardly insulted people and always assumed them to be weak.

This trait made him look arrogant. It’s not that he cannot be friendly but he is civil to only a group of people, which definitely does not include Narasaka.

Toma is the best sniper and is the one who has scored the highest Usage points for Eaglet while scoring the fourth rank in trigger Usage points. He is a part of the Fuyushima unit which has only two members, Shinji Fuyushima and Toma himself.

It is seen that most of his points come from head shots, considering the time he shot Tokieda in the Black trigger retrieval arc and Chika from 645 meters a far.

1. Mirai Hatohara

Mirai Hatohara
Mirai Hatohara

Mirai is a mysterious character, you must be thinking that we have seen so much, how can she be mysterious. Even though there is all this hype about her, but we know very little about her.

She is at the moment M.I.A, as she was fired from the Border because she dispensed triggers to civilians, maybe even to Chika’s brother – Rinji Amatori.

It was because of Mirai’s deeds that Ninomiya and she got demoted to B rank and this has been the reason Ninomiya loathed Miraya.

From the time Miraya disappeared, lots of fans made theories about her being with Rinji in the Neighborhood.

Yuzuru Ema claims that Mirai is way better than Toma and Narasaka. Her skills are extremely superior to theirs, in comparison.

She could be the ace of the game but her only fallback of not being able to shoot people snatched that chance from her.


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