To Your Eternity Season 2 Announcement

Be ready to shed tears as the heart-wrenching anime “To Your Eternity” has announced its plans for the second season.

This 2021 spring adventure anime follows an immortal boy named Fushi. Season one was concluded with some of the teariest moments in the season as Fushi says goodbye to his adoptive grandmother, Pyron. The finale also revealed Fushi ageing into his adult hot version.

It was announced on the official website of “To Your Eternity” that season two for the anime will be released sometime in autumn 2022.

After the announcement of the second season, the voice actor of Fushi, Reiji Kawashima commented about how grateful he is toward everyone who watched the first season and how he is sorry to make them cry. He looks forward to voicing Fushi again. Kenjiro Tsuda, who voices Beholder also expressed his gratefulness towards the audience and excitement for the next season.

In the coming story, mangaka Yoshitoki Oima revealed that Fushi will become someone who inspires the people around him. We can say that the adult Fushi will be more proactive and wise.

There will be a forty-year time skip at the start of season two following the life of an adult Fushi. He is living a peaceful life on an uninhabited island but this doesn’t last as Nookers attack the island abruptly. He is forced to leave the island he calls home and embarks on a journey full of friendships, action, and an immense amount of sorrow, so keep your tissues ready.

This manga series is written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima and it has been serialised in the Weekly Shonen Jump since 2016. The manga is also released in English on Crunchyroll. The anime adaptation is made by Studio Brain’s Base and will be released on April 12th.



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