10 Strongest Charyeok in God of High School
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A power-packed famous Korean manhwa webtoon by Yongje Park is The God of High School. This webtoon has been recently transformed into an anime and is already establishing a strong fanbase.

It is because of its enticing and correctly-paced storyline with an elite level of fight scenes animation.

Both the “Heroes” and the “Vilnians” have pulled up their socks and are training hard after the declaration of war in the 8th episode. The series is not only about martial arts, it excellently portrays the theme of godly and demonic powers.

There is no doubt about the fact that in the coming time The God of High School will be ranked in the Top 10 Shonen anime.

With the ultimate was coming up and the whole intriguing power system in the series, we have prepared a list of the 10 Strongest Charyeok in God of High School.

*Note- All characters introduced till season three were considered and sorted in a list. Also, the list may contain some spoilers, but trust me it is worth it. That’s it, Dive in!

10. Megalodon

Charyeok User – Taek Jegal

Prominent Ability – Shark Summon

Affiliations – G.O.H Tournament, South Gyeongsang Team

Megalodon is Jegal Taek’s charyeok, who is counted on the top three fighters of the country.

Megalodon God of High School!
Megalodon God of High School!

Talking about the appearance of this charyeok, it looks like a huge shark with six eyes and marks all through the body. This borrowed power enables him to pierce his enemies, swallow them and also shield against attacks.

9. Wind Manipulation (Name Unknown)

Charyeok User – Executive R

Prominent Ability – Six Gusts of Wind

Affiliations – Nox

Executive R’s original Charyeok doesn’t have any name yet but has to do something with the manipulation of wind. This gives him the potential to control and create wind at any time he wants, so this could be making cyclones or something as small as small circles of wind on his palm.

Executive R’s original Charyeok
Executive R’s original Charyeok

Along with this, he can also use the wind to create a bow and arrows to attack the opponent by piercing through their body.

8. Haetae

Charyeok User – Han Daewi

Prominent Ability – Water Shield

Affiliations – G.O.H Tournament, Seoul Team

Haetae is Daewi charyeok. This is a marine creature that can easily defend against any charyeok attack. In its prime form, it looks similar to a blue dog-like creature with a big nose and eyes, multiple fangs, and a top hat.

Haetae God of High School!
Haetae God of High School!

His borrowed power also enables him to heal and manipulate water to create everything from waves to blades. Along with this, he is also empowered to change and control the innate destiny to use it as both an attack and defense.

7. Joker

Charyeok User – Executive Q

Prominent Ability – Grand Circus & Black Magician

Affiliations – G.O.H Executives

Joker is the charyeok of Executive Q and we saw it for the first time in episode 3 of the series. This borrowed power possesses a scythe, small blades, and some cards which can be employed for attacking.

Joker God of High School!
Joker God of High School!

As Q is a lineal descendant of the Joker, he can do both Direct Contract and Power lend erization. In the arsenal of this charyeok, there are various amazing skills like Joker’s Prank which can be used to summon a joker whenever the opponent is in close range or the Grand Circus which is employed to summon Four clowns.

6. Dragon Slayer

Charyeok User – Executive O

Prominent Ability – Dragon Slayer Sword

Affiliations – G.O.H Executives

The Dragon Slayer charyeok belongs to Executive O. This enables him to command and summon dragons. Although, before he orders them to do anything he is required to fight the dragons and earn their respect.

Dragon Slayer God of High School!
Dragon Slayer God of High School!

Following the dragon’s submission, Executive O is empowered to manipulate fire, revive dead dragons through spells, create protective barriers, and the best he can use the teeth of the dragons to design weapons.

5. Longinus

Charyeok User – Park Mujin

Prominent Ability – Gravity Manipulation

Affiliations – The Six & G.O.H

Longinus is Park Mujin’s borrowed power. This is the first charyeok that was introduced in the series. We see that with the charyeok he becomes so powerful that even from a colossally long distance, he was able to flatten the whole island.

Longinus God of High School!
Longinus God of High School!

He generally channels his power in the of a cross with his right hand. The main ability of the charyeok is the manipulation of gravity which can be used both as attack and defense.

4. The Great Magician

Charyeok User – Jaeson Jeon

Prominenet Ability – Teleportation & Meteor Summoning

Affiliations – The Six

National Treasure aka Jaeson Jeon is a member of The Six and the user of  ‘The Great Magician’ charyeok. These are also borrowed powers that enable him to produce magic through his wand and also help him perform alchemy that is strong enough to put together hundreds of missiles and make them into one large unit.

The Great Magician God of High School!
The Great Magician God of High School!

Along with this, the charyeok also provides him with the power to summon meteors and teleport.

3. Nine-Tails Guardian

Charyeok User – Park Ilpyo

Prominent Ability – Tails Activation

Affiliations – G.O.H Tournament, South Chungcheong team

The user of the Nine-Tails Guardian charyeok is Park Ilpyo. He is the leader of the South Chungcheong team in G.O.H. he is known to have one of the most distinct charyeoks of all.

Nine-Tails Guardian
Nine-Tails Guardian

This is because only his charyeok is the key to breaking the taboo and attacking God and other heavenly things.

Along with this, the charyeok also enhances his physique, strength and gives him the ability to manipulate fire through which he is capable of creating blades and scythes.

2. God’s Blades

Charyeok User – Mandeok Sang

Prominent Ability – God’s Iron Mace

Affiliations – Nox

The user of God’s Blades charyeok is Mandeok Sang which helps him rank as one of the top Nox’s priests. This is a borrowed power and it enables him to control blades and summon angels.

God’s Blades
God’s Blades

Not only this, there are many other uses of his powers, like teleporting, generating a shield, and also manipulating energy.

As a consequence of being a Nox member, he can access the conventional way of borrowing power and through this God of Blades’s became even stronger. With this Mandeok overpowered three members of The Six.

1. Trinity: The Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds

Charyeok User – Kim Ungnyeo

Prominent Ability – Reality Warping

Affiliations – The Six

 Trinity: The Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds is Kim Ungnyeo’s charyeok and is the strongest charyeok in the series. Using this charyeok gives her the ability to warp reality and transform it into whatever she desires.

Trinity- The Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds
Trinity- The Gods of the Wind, the Rain, and the Clouds

Following the contract, she had with the three gods, she has the power to grant anyone’s wishes even if it is as irrational as rejuvenating the dead and can also manipulate the weather. Although, this unlimited power depends upon how much energy has she saved.


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