Asta vs Dante: Who Will Eventually Win?
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Last Updated: 2 years ago

One can start reading at any point in their lives, but what makes us continue reading the given piece is the uniqueness, surprise, excitement and charm that it provides.

The Black Clover Manga is one such piece. The readers aren’t bored and continue to read it as it is able to keep the interest aroused.

Let us take you through the happenings in the Chapter-258 of the manga Black Clover.

While the last chapter, showing Asta and Yami teaming against Dante, this new chapter takes up from there. The chapter begins by portraying Dante’s possession of the power of the Devil.

Fighting against humans is the thing Dante loves. The fact that Yami and Asta group together to fight against him arouses his interest as well. At the initial part of the chapter, Asta gets bested by Dante. It is Yami that saves him times and again by Dante.

Everyone seems curious to know where will all this lead to, who will eventually win? Will it be Devil or Asta? The reader’s mind is full of questions that how will Asta be powerful enough to tackle Dante.

Asta vs Dante: Who Will Eventually Win?

Let us settle down all your curiosities by answering what happened!

Asta’s Realization

While getting defeated by Asta times and again, Asta comes to the realization that he isn’t powerful enough to tackle Dante.

Although he doesn’t surrender to him nor loses hope; he decides to confront his devil to help him out to defeat Dante. He asks his Devil to infuse him with more powers.

The Devil agrees to this but in exchange for the powers, he asks for a part of Asta’s body. As far as we know, Asta sacrifices his arm in exchange for Power to the Devil.

All of this leads to the increment in the power of Asta, making him powerful enough to tackle Dante on his own.

Curious to know more, go read out the next chapter!


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